Loyalty points remaining missing (after resolution of root cause)

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Aug 2, 2018
Hi everyone at Elliott's SPG help forum,

The FAQ excludes loyalty points and after confirmation via email I'm following up by posting my case here.

2 Months ago I spend 19 nights in an SPG property for approx. USD 8106.00 in spend. The nights credit was underreported by the property and that had me miss out on a higher status. Likewise (I learned later through SPG), the property had underreported the eligible revenue as well.

So far, the good/great: SPG corrected the nights credit, cleared me for the higher status, applied the correct eligible revenue; this was great.

The bad: SPG yet remains unwilling to apply the higher earning rate to the loyalty points, which would have been automatically applied had I not initially missed out on the higher status.

The ugly :): 3 slightly different answers have been received from 3 different SPG reps(and 1 supervisor), which all 3 appear inconsistent with
(i) their own SPG T&C, and
(ii) the earning rates of the qualifying stays of 2 other people who stayed coincidingly (SPG refuses to discuss this due to security and privacy of SPG accounts).

I've only asked to have my earning rate for the stay corrected in line with the SPG T&C (and the others' experiences with their coinciding stays), meaning an additional 8106 Starpoints (worth about USD 219), but eventually hit a wall with all 3 reps.

Escalation seems the next course of action.

As it's a SPG program issue, I don't think reaching out to the parent-Marriott executives is the optimal course. The merger is not complete, so there should be some people higher up the SPG chain remaining. Nevertheless, I don't have any idea how to identify them.

Thanks for reading and sharing any ideas/thoughts!
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
As you posted, Loyalty points are one of the few consumer issues we don’t get involved with.

From our main page:

Are there any cases you don’t mediate?

Yes. Here’s a partial list:

Airfares that go up after selecting a flight option (caching).
Airline seat comfort issues, including in-flight entertainment systems that don’t work.
Any case involving legal action against a company or customer.
Asking a company to honor an obvious price error.
Car rental damage cases.
Cases submitted on behalf of a third party.
Compensation for delays that resulted in lost vacation or work days.
Getting a refund for a nonrefundable airline ticket or hotel room.
Missing or expired loyalty points.
Recently lost or misplaced luggage.
Visa/passport problems that led to denied boarding.

My only suggestion would be to put in a help request to see if a researcher can find executive contacts for the program.


Aug 2, 2018
Thank you Neil.

To submit the help request to a researcher, do I just resubmit a help form on the main page? Or did I misunderstand (perhaps there are some researchers on the forum)?

Thank you again!