Lodging unexpectedly sold, Priceline says they can’t refund airfare.

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Jul 30, 2019
Since you booked through Priceline, you have to deal with Priceline and they are going to be stuck with what Delta tells them- which is most likely that there are no refunds for basic economy. If it was a economy ticket, they most likely would have offered a credit less the cancellation fee.

But we never say never. Sometimes a well written letter makes it to the desk of an executive that might make an exception.

Please read the post I gave you in post
#2. It tell you how to write and what to do.

Let us know how you make out.
Thank you! I will give it a try. Doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure.


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Nov 21, 2014
Thank you! I spoke to the airline, and they said it was all in Priceline’s hands. Messaged Priceline and they said I needed to speak with delta. I’ve got a new number to call. Never hurts to try.
Keep trying you are right it does not hurt but DELTA is lying to you.... they are the final word as they have the money. Remember Priceline no longer has your money they really did give it to Delta. This is actually why you should not book with third party booking agencies. I’m sorry this happened. I’m from Alaska and it’s always a delight to go home to visit.
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Dec 22, 2015
Have you thought about going to the original owner of the rental to re-coop the cost of the airline ticket? Because they are the ones who caused this situation to begin with. Delta and Priceline should not be expected to pick up the financial loss due to something that was not their fault.
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Nov 21, 2014
Have you thought of going to the original owner of the rental to re-coop the cost of airline ticket? Because they are the ones who caused this situation to begin with. Delta and Priceline should not be expected to pick up the financial loss due to something that was not their fault.
Wonder what the contract says about Owner Cancellation and if Small Claims court would work?
Dec 19, 2014
@Patina @JVillegirl541
The OP has not provided any details regarding the timeline and the specific events that resulted in the cancellation of lodging. The OP keeps going back to the expectation that Delta or Priceline should refund the airfare.

To the OP: here is how it works. You booked via Priceline, Priceline paid Delta. Delta needs to authorize the refund to Priceline. Once Priceline receives refund, it will refund to you. Delta is technically correct in that you need to work with Priceline. Priceline will file the claim with Delta who will reject or approve the refund. Delta can say anything they want to you, and may tell you anything just to get you off the phone, but Priceline is the issuer and they need to authorize the refund to Priceline.

It is possible that you may get a one time exception and be granted a refund, but if they don't grant you a refund, none of the advocates will say that you were treated inappropriately, or unfairly by Delta or Priceline. Again, you are asking for an exception. Delta is contracted to provide you transportation. It is not their fault that you purchased a highly restricted ticket. They are fully prepared to fly your parents to their destination and will fulfill their COC.

Can you provide more information about the cancelled lodging? Depending on the circumstance you may have some consumer rights. That is why we are asking about the lodging.
Feb 21, 2018
Sorry, I respectfully disagree. The price increases and lack of vacancies during full blown tourist season forced us to cancel. I purchased these in advance back in January to avoid that exactly. Thanks for the help.
First, let me say that I am sympathetic to your plight. You work and plan for a special trip, taking the steps necessary to ensure it is affordable, and then something comes along to throw a monkey wrench in those plans. Extremely disappointing.

But the bottom line here is that based on the statement you made in your initial post, you still chose to cancel. You mentioned that there were available lodgings, but the prices were higher than you were willing to absorb. You chose not to pay that higher price and put the cancellation in motion. I'm not blaming you for that - without knowing what the price increase is I can't say if I'd be willing to absorb it myself. But unless there isn't a single hotel room available at the time and place of the original trip, and nothing at all nearby that could accommodate you, you were not 'forced' to cancel.

I bring this up because the tone and tenor of your request will be important if you are to sway the decision to your favor. As has often been suggested here, you are asking for an exception to the rules by requesting a refund. If I were you, I wouldn't even ask for a refund...I'd ask for a credit to be used on a future flight - that probably has a better chance of happening (though admittedly, a small chance). I think with the restrictions accepted by purchasing a Basic Economy ticket, a credit would be a generous outcome.


Mar 23, 2015
I just thought being it wasn’t a cancellation we had control over, maybe they could be understanding.
Not being a jerk but most cancellations are due to circumstances outside the control of the passenger/guest: illness, accident, flat tire, death in the family, work requirement etc.... Unforeseen circumstances are precisely what insurance is for. Sadly, you are asking them to give you the benefit of insurance without having paid for it. Good Luck but I wouldn’t expect much