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May 30, 2020
I purchased a ticket on Aer Lingus on November 19, 2019, through Expedia, to fly to the UK/Ireland this past May, for a very dear friend’s wedding, as well as an 8-day tour of Ireland. In addition, I also purchased insurance for the total cost of the flight. While the flight departed on April 29th, I chose not to fly because of the pandemic. I supplied the insurance company numerous documents, including some from the Aer Lingus website, as well as from the US State Department, clearly stating that it was not advisable to travel abroad at that time. It was also advised that the border in Ireland would close for international travel & I would have to be quarantined upon my arrival for 14 days.

Unfortunately, I found out on May 28th (Thursday) that my claim has been denied and am very disappointed, to say the least. Aer Lingus did offer me a Letter of Credit for $602.92 (the cost of the airfare), but no monetary reimbursement was ever discussed. I called Aer Lingus this morning, was told that I have until June 30th to re-book another flight & must travel within the next year. At this time, I am not planning any trips & am unhappy at the thought of losing over $600..

In closing, I feel that I deserve a full refund from Aer Lingus because, as we all know, these are unprecedented times & sometimes rules & regulations need to be put aside. This is one of those times.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you soon & thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter.



Feb 12, 2019
Refunds are only due if the airline cancels the flight. Since you canceled you were only due what your ticket contract says (for most flights that's nothing or a voucher minus cancellation fees). Most airlines are waiving the cancellation fees and extending the dates on the vouchers so they ARE putting aside some rules.

You can attempt a writing campaign for a refund, but it's likely to be futile. Airlines are losing billions of dollars and struggling just to refund the money they are legally required to refund. They just don't have money to refund anyone. Plus I believe Aer Lingus wasn't the most financially stable before this mess (I could be wrong) which would mean they're even less in a position to do good will refunds than others.