Kudos to Azamara/RCL

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Aug 13, 2016
With all the bad news about cruise lines in the pandemic era, I have a good news story to pass along. I was booked (and fully paid) on an Azamara Norway cruise for July 8. It was officially cancelled on May 20 and I opted for a full refund rather than 125% cruise credit.

Azamara and RCL had been managing expectations by stating that refunds would take up to 45 days so I was expecting they would take all of that and then some.

Imagine my surprise when my initial deposit was refunded in 8 days and the reminder a few days later. So in 11 days, I was completely refunded. I will certainly keep that in mind as I plan to resume cruising once things arrive at whatever the new normal will be.
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Jan 30, 2018
That is wonderful. We are 76+ days waiting for a very large refund from Princess. We have gotten the Future Cruise Credits we were due, but what we really want is our money back.
Jun 27, 2017
We are also happy to report that we received a full refund from Princess for the first cruise we had booked with them that they canceled. It took about 55 days from the sailing date of 04/04/2020. Let me add that this cruise cost less than $2500. We are now waiting for a refund from the second cruise we booked with Princess that was scheduled for August. Fortunately, only a $200 deposit was paid to date for that cruise. I must add that I was unable to contact Costco Travel re: our first cruise. No email and no one to answer phones. Only snail mail available. So, I contacted Princess via their FB site to ask what the status was of our refund and to make sure all paperwork was received. Received a very nice response within 3 hours saying they found our booking and a refund was in the process, which it was. I responded with a very cordial Thank You.
Jun 24, 2019
An update relevant to the don't cancel first strategy. Our trip included flights from LAX to LHR, LHR to Lisbon, Lisbon to Barcelona, Rome to Paris and Paris to LAX

Every single flight was cancelled by the airline, except for one. The Rome to Paris flight, the only one we had actually paid cash for non-refundable tickets, that one went on time. (We got vouchers, which was more than we were contractually entitled.)