JUSTAIRTICKET- Is this a scam?

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Oct 17, 2017
Justairticket.com is a SCAM!!!
Most unreliable booking website out there.

Booked a flight last minute, due to a tragedy in the family. They called after and asked for ALOT of personal information to be sent to them including a written statement of some sort which seemed extremely weird. They called the next day constantly, while i was at work in the morning claiming i didn't send the email yet (which i did multiple times and have proof of).

I called the airline the next day 5 hours before my flight and they told me a ticket hasn't even been issued for me yet. It was a constant back and forth calling with justairtickets, literally driving me crazy. They hadn't booked my ticket yet and i was on the way to the airport. They told me i needed to pay extra now for no good reason (due to their negligence), i ended up paying extra and worst of all is that they changed my return flight!!! which was extremely inconvenient for me!

I called them to change it back once i reached my destination and they told me i had to pay 300 dollars extra, the customer service had me going in literal circles with them, extremely unhelpful and unprofessional. They didn't honor what i booked originally on their website, played around with me, got me to pay extra and stressed me out.

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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Stop going through 3rd parties and book directly with the airlines. Wish you have searched our files before you booked.

If it seems too good to be true it usually is.
Quite difficult to do adequate ... or any ... research in the face of a family tragedy and trying to join your loved ones. This is one of life's topics that makes me see red. These practically-criminal websites have got to be stopped. The travelling public needs to know that they should be booking direct on airline and hotel sites. I am so sorry you had to go through this, Charlotte.

People are SO trusting of the internet! It costs a few hundred dollars to create a slick website with absolutely no competence behind it. The crooks know that people love to book the cheapest travel, and they also know that customers will take very little action once the trip is over. Perhaps a consumer group somewhere could start a blacklist of stories from travellers so that future travellers aren't jerked around and just plain cheated.

Charlotte, do you by any chance have any proof of what happened? Screenshots, confirming emails with information that was later changed, that kind of thing. If so, there might be enough information backing you up to file a credit card dispute. You would need to file a complaint with the website itself first and attempt to solve the issues. If there's proof you are right and they don't work with you, a CC dispute might be a good idea. Please let us know; nobody should have to go through an experience like this in the face of a family emergency, or at any time for that matter.
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