I can't believe ebay/paypal.

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May 25, 2020
This would take ages if I told the whole story so I'll shorten it down.
> I buy a switch for ~450 on ebay.
> Defective nintendo switch, returned for a refund.
> Found out refund is on a old paypal that I haven't used in years (and thus forgot the email address to, because h*****[email protected] helps so much ebay)
> I call ebay so I can get the email address so I can go to paypal and login/reset password
> They say no, they can't do anything. Call paypal.
> I call paypal, they essentially say go fck yourself.
> Both companies tell me that they cannot give out confidential info to the person in question, who just so happens to LITERALLY OWN SAID INFO.
> I have 450 (near a half a grand!) locked in some unknown paypal I cannot access because of stupid policy. What gives?
May 25, 2020
How did you pay? Through the old PayPal account? Refunds are usually credited to the same form of payment the original purchase was made with.
So what I found out is that the old paypal account had my debit card still in it which is how I was funding it (and me none the wiser as I looked at my bank statements and assumed that the PP purchases were coming out of was my main/new paypal). I actually managed to get a ebay rep to cough the old email up to me and I was able to log into said account to confirm everything was well/would be refunded to the same form of payment. So this is pretty much closed, and my lesson to all those future people who might run into problems like this, keep trying, and social engineer them reps! Would've been a lot simpler if paypal or ebay just gave the info out in the first place without me having to do a lot of extra stuff.
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Jul 13, 2016
A lesson for all of us to monitor all payment platforms to make sure they are up to date, especially if they are infrequently used.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm glad you got this sorted out. As we dive deeper and deeper into technology, situations like yours will become much more numerous. The privacy laws are now so strict that it's possible that you can't get anything done if you don't know the exact information associated with your account ... whether PP, EBay, Visa, an airline, or any other entities that rely on the internet for commerce. We who "live" online need to be super careful that we write all this stuff down at the time we set things up. Pretty soon there will be no humans to help us; if we can't access what we want on a computer, we're toast.