How to Get a Wrongful Smoking Charge Reversed - Ramada by Wyndham Shreveport LA

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May 7, 2020
I have tried everything in my power to clear my name and reverse the $250 smoking charges. I tried calling the hotel, then emailing to the hotel, I disputed the charges with Citi Card then escalated to the parent company to the President and CEO Geoff Bullati of Wyndham Ramada in New Jersey to learn that the hotel in question is a franchise and although I was able to prove that we are not smokers (Retired Ministry Chaplain and with three Asthmatics in our party), the parent company could not do anything in my favor other than make the the manager of the hotel email me a "we apologize for the inconvenience" email. I also reached out to the local Better Business Bureau were the hotel is located in Shreveport LA. and wrote a review in Trip Advisor; in addition to post here with this Advocacy group which I find it to be a futile and sterile attempt to resolve my issue and get my money back.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Obviously the local manager is worse than useless. What is the status of the CC dispute? I don't think that Wyndham can shirk their responsibility for a Wyndham Hotel no matter who owns or operates it. The problem is that you've already received a denial from the CEO and nobody will contradict that decision. Hopefully our colleagues will have some more ideas for you.
Jun 24, 2019
You may have reached the end of what you can do. I used to travel six months out of the year, and Wyndham/Ramada were the worst for getting a matter resolved. In the two worst cases, both hotels closed, and in one instance the owner and manager went to prison for credit card fraud. (I was subpoenaed as a witness to the hotel’s forgery of my signature.). Yet the position of Hq was that they couldn’t tell a franchisee what to do.

What happened with your dispute of the credit card charge?
May 7, 2020
The Credit Card - Costco CITI Card, requested supporting information from the hotel to support the charges. The hotel took it up a notch and alleged we smoked Marijuana. We obviously did not smoke anything because we don't smoke, I'm a retired chaplain traveling with three Asthmatics! We need to remember that I rented the rooms for $117.46 each, for a total of 234.92! However I received 5 charges on my card. $170.34, $170.34, $117.46, $25 and $200. for a total of $683.14.
The credit card resolved through the dispute challenge, and credited me $25, & $170.34 back to my account because it was obvious they were charged in error and the hotel could not support it after I provided the checkout receipts.

The $117.34 charge was resolved because I did recognize this charge to be valid. The remaining charges of $170.34 and $200 are still in dispute. The $200 for smoking and $170.34 needs to change to $117.34, which is what I agreed to pay when I rented the room.

I got another call from Wyndham, New Jersey executives offices yesterday when they received the letter I mailed in several weeks ago at the same time I had escalated via email and via phone call. They offered me a complementary night stay at any Wyndham hotels. I declined! I told them I was not going to risk another scam from one of their franchisee!

My problem going forward is how confident am I giving out my credit card to a hotel for incidentals in my future check in? For now, I know to stay away from
Wyndham, because they are all franchises!

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You will have no choice about giving your card out for incidentals. There is no hotel in the world that I am aware of that doesn’t require a card on file in case there are damages to a room.