How do I get my money back for this? (and show others what really happens on these cruises)

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Carrie Livingston

Staff Member
Jan 6, 2015
St Louis
@mar I will echo @CTP 's advice to check out Cruise Critic. The site has tons of information about cruising and you can actually join "roll calls" for a cruise and then meet up with other cruisers who share your same interests.

I just got off the Norwegian Epic today. The ship holds 4,100 at double occupancy but we sailed with no open cabins and had about 4,200 onboard. There were lines for tons of things but I made it a point to arrive early if I wanted to make a show.

I have not sailed Royal so I can't speak to the dining issues that you had but the waiter should not have been rude and I would have addressed this with the restaurant manager at the time.

I don't believe that Royal will refund your entire cruise fare but you should definitely use our company contacts to see if you might be able to get a future cruise credit and give the line a try again if that's something that you are interested in. Good luck!


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This trip was obviously a huge disappointment, Mar, I feel very badly for you. So many factors contributed to your bad experience. Major issue is your lack of information from your travel agent. I suspect you may have booked this on your own which is a shame; the internet makes everything seem so simple ... but especially with a cruise, there are a million factors to consider. Starting the domino fall were the issues in your cabin and your room steward's schedule, not to mention the dining issues. It's really difficult to keep a good attitude when things start out negatively. From there, any little glitch triples in annoyance factor.

I love cruising, but avoid the big ships like the plague. I will share with you some of our coping methods. Our last cruise was on Holland America,;even their mid-size ship was too big; but the Alaska itinerary was perfect. We adapted ... we avoided most anything that would involve waiting in a line. We dislike 'formal dining' and quickly figured out what time was best at the Lido Buffet so we could have light meals without crowds. We had breakfast delivered to the cabin. We booked shore excursions that did not depart at 830am with all the rest of them. We were there for the scenery and the animals, so all the regular ship's hoopla was there for us to enjoy if and when we wished. There were several shows we wanted to see, so we scoped out the back entrance to the mezzanine level where we could slip in to watch. Because the ship wasn't huge, there were never any issues of not finding a place to be comfortable, whether it was the initial muster or the evening entertainment.

Like my colleagues, I hope you will try cruising again. Find a travel agent who specializes in cruising, seek out a 'how-to book at the library and know what level of cruise experience you should expect. Spend LOTS of time on Cruise Critic, I find it enormously insightful to read everyone else's experiences. Cruising is a wonderful 'no-brainer' way to travel and I really enjoy it.


Feb 5, 2018
to me the word "reservation" has a certain meaning. what is the sense of making a reservation if even tho you arrive early, there is still no seat?


Feb 5, 2018
have cruised several times and have never had an experience like this. why not wait to call people to board busses when they are actually there? why not have them wait inside for an hour and a half instead of out in the cold? why not fix the safe instead of having someone come on 3 different days to open it for us?
Feb 11, 2018
Thank you Neil. I posted that because it speaks to the need (or not) for reservations, not for the lobster charge. Regrading the latter, she was not objecting to the cost, but the rude treatment they received after they "declined" the (pushy) offer ...
Maybe not pushy so much as harried. Those waiters really have to hustle.