Hotel not yet open...

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Feb 7, 2016
Hi friends,

Here is my question to you all:

-Booked a hotel in Fort Laurderdale for Aug 4th (have confirmation and SPG still shows reservation as confirmed.
- Decided to take a look today on where the hotel is and how I get from the airport to the hotel.
- SPGs website now says the hotel I am confirmed at doesn't open until Aug 29th.
- Called SPG and asked what was going on - since I am 2 weeks out - and they said "Yes you are correct - the hotel will not be open when you arrive - and you will have to cancel your reservation and find somewhere else" (also spoke with a supervisor who said it was my issue and this happens all the time)
- All other hotels for this day are 3 times more than my original rate.
- I have not cancelled my reservation as of yet - and still hold a confirmed reservation at a hotel that will not be ready for my arrival.

My question: Does SPG not owe me some type of duty to find another hotel room at another property for the same rate? I have read the terms of the reservation and I see nothing in regards to the hotel being able to cancel a confirmed reservation.



Apr 10, 2017
So at no time did anyone from SPG contact you to let you know the hotel wouldn't be ready? Did you book directly with SPG? Imagine what would have happened if you had just shown up to a closed hotel. They should have let you know the hotel wouldn't be ready. You shouldn't have had to find this out for yourself. I agree SPG should accommodate you in one of its other nearby hotels at the same rate. There should be plenty of options since they are partnered with Marriott.

Now this is assuming you booked directly with SPG. Things could be much trickier if you booked thru a third party. Good luck.
Jan 11, 2017
Probably the opening was delayed, after they accepted early August reservations. It seems to me, now SPG is much more careful with this location: the same hotel though showing Aug 29 opening, does not accept reservations before September 12.

The supervisor's remark, that 'this happens all the time' is outrageous. To add a couple of lines in the computer program to cancel a reservations, and send out a notice to the guests when a hotel opening is delayed - takes minutes. To fight angry comstumers takes hours.

Yes, I think they should reaccomodate you. Writing letters (see the Company Contacts tab on the top) might help, but being so close to your trip date, I am not sure the help would arrive on time. I would try to contact costumer support through Facebook.


Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Do not take the initiative to cancel your reservation! If they need it cancelled because they cannot accommodate you (obviously they do), that is on them. The minute YOU cancel the reservation, you are on your own....paying 3x the amount of your current reservation! You cancel, its your problem but if they cancel, they need to take responsibility for it.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is an easy one, Taylor - you're right, they're wrong. However, you need to fix this. I hope you booked direct with SPG. My colleagues have given you the guidance ... but I would also advise that you hop to and book a backup hotel. Then, I would call and speak with the General Manager or the Front Desk Manager to request that they find you an SPG property (or any comparable hotel actually) at the same rate you're contracted for. By all means mention the awful supervisor's remark, but in a light way. Your goal is to get the person to want to help you.

SPG should be ashamed of themselves for treating a potential guest this way. Good luck and please let us know what transpires.
Aug 28, 2015
New York
Outrageous. Since time is of the essence, I would call:
(203) 964-6495
That's Starwood consumer affairs. Leave an urgent message will get a call back in 24 hours from a Starwood guru. You should be accomodated at one of the many properties for the same rate.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
And make sure your backup reservation has free cancellation. Marriott just changed all their cancellation policies.
Yup, both Hilton and Marriott are segueing over to 48-hours*. While I understand this from a business standpoint, it will make dealing with a travel emergency more expensive. Nice to know that we have been preaching TRAVEL INSURANCE forever!!

* top-tier HHonors people are exempt from this requirement, I expect Marriott/SPG will follow suit.
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Aug 29, 2015
Yup, both Hilton and Marriott are segueing over to 48-hours*. While I understand this from a business standpoint, it will make dealing with a travel emergency more expensive. Nice to know that we have been preaching TRAVEL INSURANCE forever!!

* top-tier HHonors people are exempt from this requirement, I expect Marriott/SPG will follow suit.
I have one reservation that is a 72 hour cancellation policy. Even with top tier loyality, it is still 72 hours.
Dec 12, 2014
Looks like the property is being re-branded as a Four Points and is currently the Fort Lauderdale Airport Cruise Port Inn. Interestingly, the web page for the current property is not only taking reservations for dates prior to August 29, but also after the 29th.

On the Starwood web page, you aren't able to book here until the 29th and there are numerous mentions of not being available until then.

I would call the hotel directly to make sure you have a reservation. Of course,if you are dead set on a Starwood property, you will need to cancel & find a different hotel in the area.

Apparently, the original planned Four Points opening date was April 4th & was delayed for some reason.
Feb 7, 2016
Hi All,

I thought I would report back and let you know what happened because it's a bit unbelievable.

Took your advice and didn't cancel the reservation but called back to Starwood. Spoke with a nice individual who said - the hotel is probably open just not full functioning yet as an SPG property. Give them a call and make sure your reservation is ok.

Called the hotel and spoke with the front desk. Very nice and they checked and said "yes, no problem - we are re-branding but your reservation is good"

Problem solved !! So I thought.

The day of check in @9:45AM I received a call from the hotel front desk who said "sorry we will be cancelling your reservation as we can not accept a reservation based on points tonight as our system is not connected. If you would like to stay here it will cost you $190 for the night - I will switch over your reservation now."

I replied "No please don't touch it. As I have never heard of a hotel doing this, I would like to contact SPG directly"

Immediately I called SPG and spoke to a supervisor who said "correct the hotel is not accepting points because it's being re-branded. We can do nothing for you other than cancel the reservation. You should have know if you looked at the website. I also see from the notes you spoke with another supervisor a few days ago and she also told you she would do nothing." He then went on to say how this was entirely my fault.

I then asked to speak with his supervisor. After a few min of discussion she agreed to move me to another hotel for the same point value 20 miles away from the other hotel. I asked if they would provide a voucher for the extra cost of transportation. (All in all I'm out $90 in uber fees) She said "no" but will send an email to another department.

I received an email as per below:

First, we would like to apologize if you were not made aware that the Four Points would not be able to honor your Starpoints reservation due to a delay with their opening. It was stated in an email to us that you were not aware of this until your arrival today. We can understand the inconvenience this may have caused to you and your travel plans.

We can see that you reached out to us prior to your arrival, the latest time being July 22, to ask that this reservation be moved and the increased Starpoint cost covered. The Supervisor you spoke with on July 22 advised that we would be able to move your stay, however, not cover the additional Starpoints cost.

We see that today you spoke with another agent who moved your stay and instead agreed to go ahead and cover the Starpoints difference. With this, we are not able to provide you with any further goodwill gestures, we regret any inconvenience this may cause.

I replied again with an ovierview as per above and a reply back from SPG. Received an email from a supervisor saying he would set up a time to call me. Which he did not. After 2 attempts to re-connect with someone there I am not receiving a reply.

In addition I did provide the supervisor with a screenshot from "wayback machine" showing the SPG website at the time of my booking (March) that the website clearly showed opening in June 2017.

Am I off base asking for my increased transportation costs or should I just drop this? Was thinking of small claims court - as I think this practice is very unfair - but probably an overaction. Sorry for the long post.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I would drop it. They are trying to help you out. I also didn't know you booked with points. That makes a very big difference and you never mentioned it.

If the hotel is being rebranded and the new hotel is a non participating hotel, they do not have to accept your points reservation. This is why you should have mentioned this to us in the beginning. And there is no small claims booking with points since the terms are what you agree to when booking wth points.

From their website:

  • 3.2.h. If an SPG Participating Hotel or SPG Partner Hotel exits the SPG Program for any reason after an SPG Member makes an SPG Award reservation but before the SPG Member's stay, Starwood will use reasonable efforts to have such former SPG Participating Hotel or SPG Partner Hotel honor the reservation or assist in arranging equivalent accommodations nearby; however, Starwood cannot guarantee that any SPG Awards, upgrades or any other benefits that an SPG Member may earn under the SPG Program will be honored.
So if they put you into another hotel I'd drop the request for transportation since their terms and conditions state that the rules have been followed by them arranging another hotel for you.