Homewoood Suites Does Not Live Up to Guarantee

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Jan 23, 2019
This past Friday, my daughter and I checked in to Homewood Suites in Hartford, CT. I parked in the paid lot across the street and went to check in. The desk clerk asked where I parked. When I told him he suggested I park on the street next time as it is free all weekend. So, I took his advice on Saturday and when I went to get my car Sunday morning it was gone. It had been towed as we had a snow storm. Everyone knew of the bad weather coming but where I am from they do not tow cars when they need to plow. They just plow you in. I was not made aware of any potential parking ban so I had to take an Uber to get my daughter to her tournament at the convention center another to the tow truck place. I had to pay $112 cash to get my car then $100 parking ticket and the Ubers cost me around $18. Additionally, the police told me the hotel should reimburse me for the cost since they should have told me there would be a parking ban knowing I was from out of town. Also, our room thermostat was set to 68 degrees yet was blowing out very hot air so we had trouble sleeping. Our hallway reeked of mold and was freezing due to drafty windows. When our toilet got clogged, I called for assistance and the person who came up handed me a plunger with a dirty plastic bag on the end of it. When I tried to complain to management they told me managers do not work weekends. So, I finally got one on the phone Monday who told me it was my fault my car got towed because I chose to park on the street even though it was her staff who suggested I do so! She was rude about it as well. I filed a complaint on their corporate site and was offered Hilton Honors points in lieu of their guarantee. They are assuming after everything I will agree to stay at one of their properties and use their points?! Really?! How do I get them to honor their 100% Satisfaction guarantee? I am out $230 because I took their advice, I have been treated in a very rude manner, I missed part of my daughter's tournament trying to get my car back, had a hard time sleeping in a hot room and they tried to get me to plunge the broken toilet. I am only asking for 2 of the 3 nights I paid for reimbursed. That is how a guarantee works. How do I get them to honor this? I can call my attorney for free but it is a ridiculous thing to have to do considering how obvious it is they should comply. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Dec 19, 2014
Read this thread:

I am not a Hilton person, but I am not certain that Homewood still has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Can anyone provide tangible evidence that Homewood still has a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Since you already filed a complaint on the corporate side and have been offered points, your options are more limited. I would start with a well written letter to the general manager of the hotel, then followed by writing the executives.

Couple of comments
1) Your attorney will likely ignore you. Keep any mention of attorney or legal action out of your letter. An attorney is NOT going to take a case over $230 unless you are prepared to pay a sizeable retainer
2) Your post here reads like a laundry list of complaints. Stick to the facts. Are you complaining because of the "bad parking advice?" or the room itself?

Personally, I don't feel that the hotel staff was being malicious in suggesting street parking. And while this may be shocking, not everyone follows the weather!

I would craft a letter to the general manager. It looks like the general manager is Ty Coleman.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Here are the contacts:


Here is the process:


I can’t see how a clerk who told you at check in you could park on the street for free could have known you were going to take his advice but that a snowstorm would cause cars to be towed a day or two later. I don’t think the hotel is responsible for that but you can add it to your complaint, the worst they can say is no.

Handing you a plunger is unacceptable. I had that happen years ago at a cheap hotel in Tulsa where the company I worked for used to put us up in when we went to school. I wouldn’t expect that at a hotel and especially a Homewood.

Leave out the complaint about the cold hall - you weren’t sleeping in the hall.

If you follow the instructions in the thread I posted you should get an executive to assist. But don’t say you will never stay at a Homewood Suites again- if you do, why should they do anything for you? Never threaten like that when you are asking for something.