Hilton Award Night from Citi Visa

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Mar 17, 2018
Please help me get my Hilton Award Night from Citi Bank Vi

I had a Citi Visa card that had an alliance with Hilton Hotels. The card offered a free weekend night at a Hilton hotel
if you spent $10,000 in a calendar year. Which I did and have done for several years and always received this award night

Beginning January 2018 Hilton and Citi bank severed their relationship . Hilton switched to American Express.
and I was notified that a new card would automatically be mailed around January 20th

As I would be travel starting January 9th I opted to get the new Hilton American Express card early so it
would arrive in time for my travels and paid the 2018 annual fee of $95

Checking my Citi account on January 11th I was billed a $95 annual fee. In as much as the Citi card was being swapped
for American Express I did not want to pay two $95 annual fees to have the Hilton affiliation Citi and American Express

Therefore I called Citi Visa to discuss this $95 fee. The representative said they were very unhappy about losing Hilton
and lots of people are complaining about the situation. As Citi was not going to be the Hilton card anymore I asked the
that the $95 annual fee be waived or cancelled as I didn't want to pay an annual $95 twice. The representative said the only
way to not pay this fee was to cancel this card. So I agreed

February is when the Hilton Award night is usually emailed and when it was not forthcoming I contacted Citi I was
told that as I cancelled the card and did not pay the annual fee I therefore did not qualify for the Hilton Award night
despite spending the $10,000

Over the last month I have spoken to a few different Citi representatives, explaining my situation and asking for
a waiver to their rules Each time they told me my point was valid and they agreed that I should probably get the Hilton Award
Night certificate. The last two representatives Susan and Andres said they would expedite this to the benefit department and
I would get an answer within 10 days. I was left with the impression that an exception to the rule regarding the annual fee would be
granted and the certificate would be forthcoming

In addition I requested a case number, an email detailing the conversation and a direct phone number, to which they both
replied it was not possible to give me this. When I called again I did find out that all these conversation were noted on my
account file.

The end result of all my phone calls was to get two letters. Both these letters
are denying my award based on the annual fee rule and not granting me an exception nor addressing the fact
that the representative did not fully inform me of this rule when she advised me to cancel the card

The first representative that instructed me that the only way to not pay the annual fee was to cancel the card , did not
inform me of the consequences of not qualifying for the award night so I was surprised to learn that I did not qualify
for this certificate despite spending the $10,000

I am turning to you as my last resort and hoping that you can help me to fix this with Citi and get my Hilton Award Certificate
I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you


Jan 6, 2015
the United States
The Citi Card to American Express FAQ states that:

33. A. If you have already reached the purchase requirement for the Citi Weekend Night Reward when your account is transferred to American Express, you will receive the Weekend Night Reward in an email from Hilton Honors by the end of February 2018​

My reading of this is that had you waited until the auto transition, the new card plus the "free night" reward would have arrived on schedule (February). Your $95 payment would have counted toward the new AE card (see paragraph 36), and all would have been well.

But when you requested the AE card sooner and then canceled the Citi card you disrupted the flow they had setup. So, I think their statement of policy is correct.

That said, at the top of this page there is a link to Elliott's Company Contacts database.
You can request an exception, for which I suggest you express confusion about the process of conversion.

Please read the instructions on the first page before proceeding to locate the contacts for Citigroup.