Hertz claims damage, I'm asking for proof, Collection agency isn't responding anymore, what next?

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Mar 24, 2020
Possible but considering Paul Stone became the new CEO as of May 2020, I think that's unlikely.


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Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
Possible but considering Paul Stone became the new CEO as of May 2020, I think that's unlikely.
The other potentially complicating issue is that you rented from Hertz Canada, which is also in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy process and legal issues are likely very different in Canada vs. the US.
Oct 10, 2015
Just a question. Why would the collection agency not have the obligation to provide proof of the debt. After all they are the ones who want to receive the money. Proof would include the kilowatt hours used, where, and when if it were an electric bill, or would include the details (including where on the car) of the repairs and the information (here, the date) regarding the accident if it were damages to a car.

Sometimes the collection agency owns the debt, sometimes it is collecting in behalf of the original creditor. That doesn't matter when it comes to proving the debt.

No proof, no payment. Do not pay any portion; that would be an admission of owing the debt.

Reply, preferably using snail mail, to every letter. But if they send you essentially the same request or demand at a later date then you may send a photocopy of your same answer as opposed to writing a new letter.
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