Frozen Venmo Account

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Apr 5, 2020
My name is Alyssa Sullivan.I am posting here because I don't know who else to reach out to and I really need help.

I have been a Venmo user for a few years now. Last Sunday, a friend of mine lost her husband. We decided to create a Venmo account to accept donations for her husband's passing. To not have these donations come to me personally, I created another Venmo account (Shore Group Donations.) After one person sent me a payment to this account the account was frozen and then my personal account was frozen. I uploaded my driver's license to both accounts to attempt to unfreeze it. Nothing happened. A chat agent via the app said they couldn’t help and would need to forward my case to a Venmo support agent who would contact me in 1-3 days.

After not hearing anything I called Venmo support and spoke with Madison. She explained she couldn’t do anything for me and I would be contacted by the department who handles this and only works via email. Two days go by and still nothing from this department. I call again and speak with Phillip on Wednesday. I was on the phone for an hour with him. I walked him through my case. He had me upload my driver's license once again to authenticate my accounts. The driver's license validated my personal account , but he said it didn’t pass validation for the Shore Group Donations account. I explained to him that I understand that my driver's license isn’t sufficient to pass validation because the additional account is named after a group and not my name specifically. He essentially told me he could do nothing for me. He claimed that the department would reach out to me to discuss my case by the end of the week. He claimed since it had already been 3 business days I would hear in no time. He also claimed that while attempting to help me he was locked out of my case because supposedly “the department was working on my case and it kicked him off.” I optimistically got off the phone and waited 3 more days to hear from this department. I have heard nothing. No response.

I have 450 dollars sitting in my personal Venmo account and 100 dollars in the additional account. Both accounts aren’t allowing me to withdraw my funds. I am not doing any fraudulent or suspicious activity. Just simply trying to collect donations for a friend who needs help right now. I am quite honestly sick of hearing that I will hear in 1-3 business days because it has gone FAR PAST that.

I did contact the two emails listed under the Pay Pal executives on your site. I'm awaiting a response. Anyone else that you suggest reaching out to?

Anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated,