Freedom Furniture Australia - Refusing a Refund

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Jan 26, 2017
We purchased a sofa from Freedom Furniture in Southport on the 24/02/2018 and it was delivered about 5 weeks later(exact delivery date not known). After 2 weeks of light residential use, the sofa fabric started pilling and we were surprised that the fabric was showing signs of wear so soon.
We are dissatisfied with the product and would not have purchased the sofa if we had known that the fabric would break down in this manner(pilling).
I opened a warranty claim on 07/06/2018 to report a major fault(by definition in the Australian Consumer Law as we would not have purchased the sofa if we had known about the issue with the fabric). After 6 weeks of dealing with Freedom on this issue they have refused to issue the requested refund and have only offered an in-store credit.
Its is our right under the ACL to request a refund in the case of a major fault and we would like to take action against Freedom Furniture/STEINHOFF ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED on this issue.
Please see this link:


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
We don't follow links, Christian. If you want to cut and paste information, you can post it here. We have no Company Contacts for Aussie retailers, but you should follow our usual advice. Stay off the phone and deal with Freedom only via email. Compose a concise, polite email outlining the problem and requesting a cash refund. I would make the tone as though you are confident that they will want to make this right in this first go-round. Give customer service two weeks. Meanwhile, research the company to find out the names and emails of the executives. If CS doesn't respond, submit your letter to the lowest exec on the totem pole. Move up the list weekly. Keep in mind that the person reading your letter is in a position to help you, and your job is to make them want to help you. If this doesn't get results, you can inform them of your rights and let them know that you are playing hardball and do not wish to be ignored. Please come back and let us know the results. Good luck.
Sep 19, 2015
As Neil mentioned this forum is based in the US and most of us are unfamiliar with Australian consumer laws and protection.

What I can say is that here in the US it is hard to prove polling as a defect in fabric as some fabrics by either fiber or weaving process are more prone to having this problem.

Why not exchange it for one with a less pilling prone fabric?
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