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Nov 12, 2018
Ojay I used Priceline and took a deal for a king room no smoking fold out bed kitchenette whirlpool and wi go room. There description on there web site. Found out America’s best in Port Arthur tx.
Hotel problems
Water in elevator floor but had a wet sign up.
Open room found no one in room but all there food clothes were.
Gotnew room mini fridge didn’t work
A slower and gel mask between bed and night stand
Priceline problems
No fold out couch
No kitchettee
No whirlpool
Called desk was informed that they told Priceline many many times the ad is wrong
And besides that the have no rooms at all with kitchens or whirlpool on entire complex. I could leave try and find another room that night but no refunds.
Next morning 9am no coffee or eggs left and wasn’t making anymore either.
I ask for paper what Priceline sent them that I reserved. I have paper. Priceline sent me a confrontation email whirlpool fold out bed kitchen they sent hotel king bed no smoking.
This is bait switch fraud period.
Talked to company that deals with bookings for price line they offered 20% refund they would do no more. The minimum I will take is a full refund and a apology and correct there web site. The said 20% refund only. I refused and they told me I can try to get ahold of price line. I see as a company they do not want to get public feedback from public. As no Corp headquarters information on complaints. You can get company directory if you know the persons name but department no way. Information dial zero. Thank you good by.
They went ahead and gave me 20% discount. NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Well it seems you didn’t get what you were supposed to get- I’m glad that it was clearly stated on your confirmation.

Did you stay for the full time of the reservation? If you did, you aren’t going to get a free stay. But I would ask for a 50% refund.

If you are going through Thomas Cook tell then you want 50%.

If you opt to go to Priceline, we have Executive
contacts you can appeal to.
Nov 12, 2018
Have a executive contact me. Yes I stayed after hotel said I be charged irregardles and as stated. Well that contract was broken when they sent me this is what you are getting but sent hotel total opposite . So contract is voided due to them breaking it not me. Don’t think I can be held tomy agreement when they broke contract. It’s not the money anyway. I will say if they don’t call with apology full credit and fixing there page I will file with attorney general on fraud because of two different documents being issued. And I will easily get $ 100 in satisfaction intelling the boards all about my experience with America’s best and Priceline. I’m retired got time and money enough $100 I lost do to fraud of Priceline I will get satisfaction knowing I may help someone else avoid these company’s. I get what I want I will never speak of it again. It’s only fair
Nov 12, 2018
Ps I was also told by hotel they have notified Priceline several times to fix it cause it happens a lot and Priceline hasent