False Sedgwick Claim for Car Rental damage

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Oct 27, 2019
Below is my post that I wrote after reading similar posts on Elliot's Forum dating back to May 2019 wherein a man reported receiving a letter from the Sedgwick Claims Mgnt Services that said his rental car was damaged and the claim was over $1000. A claim he refuted. Now that has happened to me for several thousands of dollars! The old thread gave several links as to how to deal with the situation, so I became a member of Elliot's Forum because number 1, I am so thankful for directions and links, and number 2, to let other people know that this is happening. I was asked by the Forum to post this as a new thread, so here it is:
Thanks so much for this forum as I too recently became the target of one of Sedgwick's bogus damage reports. I am following the advice in this forum and am hoping for the best. I also appreciate the link about the extra precautions to take when renting a car, which I will do in the future. Unfortunately, I did not take photos, etc. Have been renting cars for years and never had a problem. I'm surprised such big companies as Avis and Budget use this third party service. I certainly won't be renting from them anymore! But will now take photos when I rent a car again. This column has given me something to work with. I can't afford to hire a lawyer and shouldn't have to when I've done nothing wrong! I had the rental car about 12 hours from point A to point B and there was no damage.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If you read our post on how to deal with a claim, we tell you not to deal with Sedgewick and to write to the car rental company. The executives at the car rental company are the ones that cancel these claims.

Please follow the instructions in that list exactly as we advise you to. I’m almost every case it’s dropped by one of the Executives.
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Dec 30, 2019
I received a similar false claim letter from Sedgwick for a rental at New Orleans in Oct. There was absolutely no damage, not even a scratch caused during the rental. I contacted Avis customer service using the template from this forum (May 29,2019- Dandez) and cust serv replied asking me to contact Sedgwick.
"... The Claims Center and Viking Client Services are authorized representatives for Avis Budget Car Rental primarily in matters of damage claim collections. Please follow the instructions within the letter they have mailed to you. Their direct contact information, mailing address and phone number, are provided in their letter to you. If you no longer have their correspondence you may phone 1-866-446-8376 for assistance. "

Please advise if I should I contact sedgwick as suggested or contact up the chain.