Enterprise is charging me for a piece of car that had fallen off the vehicle.

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Oct 23, 2019
Last month I rented out a vehicle with Enterprise. 9/21-10/5 This will more than likely be my last time renting with them due to the last time I rented with them they charged me for "having a dog in the car" when in fact I haven't had a dog for over 12 years.

However this time, while driving down a freeway in North Dakota I went to switch lanes, looked in my left mirror and the gas cap door just flew off the car. I caused no actual damage to the vehicle myself, as there is no shown damage to the area affected. I did decline the insurance due to the fact that it would have costed me just as much for the insurance as it would the rental. However I don't feel I should be responsible for something falling off their vehicle. I would take responsibility if I had actually caused the damage but thats not the case. I also looked further into it and the vehicle I rented, (Hyundai Tucson) happens to have issues with their fuel doors.

Upon returning the vehicle I spoke with the manager . I brought him personally to the vehicle and shown him what had happened and explained myself how I shouldn't be responsible for something I didn't do. Not only did he agree, he said to me "Oh wow! That's some new damage I've never seen. Don't worry about it dude, we'll just take it to the dealer and they'll pop a new one on there no problem". I understand him saying that doesn't mean much.

After finally speaking with people on the phone after trying to reach them for days, I've realised it was useless. Logic doesn't exist with those people nor do I think it ever will. I've also emailed/wrote them. One person came back saying they'll look into it, another said my rental never existed.

Ive read some other posts on here and and followed some of the links provided. I'm basically seeking to see if anyone has had a similar issue or if they have additional advice.

Thank you for reading.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Did you get gas before this happened? If not, we have this post on how to deal with damages. In your letter state exactly what you stated here- you hadn’t bought gas so did not open the door and that you see this is what issue with that car and don’t think you should pay for the damage.


Wish you have found us when you were charged for the dog hair- we probably could have gotten that dropped for you too.