Early Departure Fee

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Mar 4, 2015
I see what's going on now.

The Early Departure Fee is NOT found anywhere in the Rate Details on the room selection page.

It's accessible from the Contact Information page -- and only visible if you click on the rate link again on THAT page AND scroll down.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
See screenshot in post #14.

Exact same hotel, room type, and rate type as @henry S quoted.

1 Double Bed Max 2ppl Nonsmoking - Non Smoking
Rate Type: Senior Discount Number of Rooms: 1​
I believe the Early Departure fee is listed with the cancellation policy. Many IHG properties are franchises, so the hotels that need to implement this fee do so as they wish. I'm an IHG person, so I've seen this EDF many times but not paid attention to it, since I would cancel and rebook if my plans changed. At any rate, nobody should be booking any kind of res without studying the cancellation policies these days ... lots of policy changes. Big hotel chains are taking their cue from the airlines! And actually, why shouldn't they? An unsold room night is NEVER recoverable.
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Mar 4, 2015
I believe the Early Departure fee is listed with the cancellation policy...
If only it was....

As you can see from the screenshots attached in this thread, it's listed under "Additional Charges" which are NOT shown everywhere that the "Rate Details" and "Cancellation Policy" are shown.