DirecTV rant

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Sep 18, 2014
DirecTV seems to be getting harder to deal with all the time. I'm about ready to write AT&T (using the contacts I found here).

My biggest gripe with them at the moment is that they don't seem to want us to sign another 2-year contract, so we could keep some control on our cable TV costs. Our last contract expired in October 2018, and the rates immediately jumped. And have not been consistent since. One month the bundled bill is $156, the next it's $175, and then it's $50 … then back to $156, or whatever. We tried going to an AT&T store to set up a new contract, but that was a giant fiasco.

We've asked them twice to drop the sports package add-on ($14/month) from our bill, because we only use it abut 6 months a year to watch baseball games. (We want to get Sling TV's Blue package to do that, cancel it after the World Series, and resume it when baseball season starts.) Despite being assured that the sports package is not on our bill, it's still in our DirecTV listings and we've been watching pre-season Cardinals games on FOXSports Midwest for the last week!

You may ask, "Why don't you just switch cable providers?" That's not easy, especially in the STL market where there is little competition. We have a bundled package with AT&T (DirecTV, internet, landline), and our only alternative for a similar bundle is Spectrum (formerly Charter). That would require us to change our e-mail addresses, which we had with AT&T's predecessor (Southwestern Bell). We've had these e-mails for many years; by now so many friends, family, businesses, vendors, etc. etc. have them that starting over with new ones would be a colossal PITA, to put it bluntly! Besides, switching to Spectrum/Charter would be the same thing … get the 2-year promo; rates go up a little after the first year of contract, then when contract ends, rates go crazy. I've heard and read many bad things about Spectrum/Charter too, so I'd rather just stick with the devil I know at this point, just not pay quite as much for doing so. We live at the bottom of a hill, and regular antenna reception doesn't cut it. Not to mention, the only way we can see baseball on TV is on a cable channel.

(And I'm still po'd that AT&T/DirecTV can't seem to figure out how to give us caller ID on our HDTV in the living room. We had Caller ID when we had U-verse [and loved it], but AT&T basically forced us to switch to DirecTV. For the last 2 years I've asked several times about Caller ID, and they've repeatedly told us that our HD receiver can't handle the Caller ID technology. WTH?!)

OK, done ranting for the night. Thanks for letting me vent.
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