Delta Reservation Cancellation

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Jun 23, 2020
I had reservation for a round trip non-stop flights from Jacksonville to Detroit. I receive email from Delta stating the flights were changed, no longer non-stop, different departure times and different flight numbers. The travel dates remained the same.

Since the original flights no longer exist, should this be considered a cancelled reservation and I am due a refund?
Nov 6, 2017
Same thing happened to me. I booked a nonstop on Delta from San Jose to Las Vegas. My email notice says the departure time is earlier and the flight has a layover in Los Angeles. Same question: Am I due a refund?
May 21, 2020
near Charlotte, NC
You still have reservations and need to call Delta to cancel. I had a similar situation with Delta recently (departure time was changed to 2 hours early, longer layover of 6 hours instead of 3, and I wouldn’t get to my final destination until after midnight). I called the Delta refund line and said the changes were not acceptable and wanted a refund. I got it credited to my cc a week later.