Dell Kicked Me To The Curb

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Apr 3, 2016
Just an FYI, it is extremely possible that the person who signs for the letter will be the mailroom/loading dock clerk or the front desk receptionist of the front door (and it will be signed for along with all the other mail/ packages that need to be signed for that day). I work at a big company. The mailmen are not allowed beyond the front or back door. They do not wander the building to the executive offices.

If the letter even makes it to the executive offices - don’t count on it. It might just be opened by a low-level person and maybe even be discarded (especially if it is a long ramble). If all it took to actually have the CEO of a company read a letter was to send it registered mail, everyone would do it. The reality is the CEO of a company sees very small percentage of mail sent to them, registered mail or not.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is confusing ... I'm interested in knowing why you had the impression that these forum threads are being read by Dell. Have you read other threads on this forum? Who have you not gotten a response from? Have you already sent your letter to Dell? Who are you referring to as unprofessional? I'm sorry you don't find our advice helpful. Please let us know the outcome of your complaint.

Carrie Livingston

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Jan 6, 2015
St Louis
@jsn55 in the email that is sent from the help line, it advises people to post on the forums as the owners/employees of businesses may read these forums. We have had a couple of threads on the forum resolved by employees of the company after someone posted to the forums. Or had an employee reach out to a poster to address their problem. I'm not saying it's the norm but it has happened.
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Apr 23, 2018
If the OP replaced parts on his own while the computer was still under warranty, I don't think he's going to get very far with Dell's warranty folks. He's probably invalidated the warranty. (However, I haven't actually read Dell's warrant terms, so I may be wrong.)
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Mar 23, 2015
Mr. Micheal Dell
Founder & CEO Dell Technologies
One Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas 78682
United States

Dear Mr. Dell,

My name is Robert MacDonald I am 53 years of age and I am an Interior/Exterior painter. I am Sorry to have to write you this letter however it is not something I was looking forward to doing, however due to the Product I received XPS Desktop PC and the way I was treated by those that work for your company (Product & Warranty Support) I had to do it to get my issues looked into properly and taken care of professionally. I have been trying to get these Product & Service issues resolved for some time now. However those I have spoken with don't seem to use the same brand of Logic or Professional thinking as I do when it come to how I Treat my customers, and how I thought I should be treated.

When it came time to replace my old PC (Dell Inspiron) I decided to Buy the Dell XPS Desktop as the people for Alienware didn’t seem to want to give a good price for theirs. When I got the XPS it seemed to be working good during the first month that I had it however, I started to notice that it sounded as though a screw was rattling around in my 2TB HDD. I called in to Warranty Support to inform them however the ones I was dealing with didn't pay any attention to my issue. I ended up having to go out and buy my own 1 TB HDD to replace what Dell support ignored me on. A little time passed and this NEW PC started to experience Blue Screen issues, I called into Warranty Support, and this person decided that the Motherboard needed replacement a tech was sent out and done so.

Some time went by and I again started having Blue Screen Issues and again I made another call to Warranty Support and they decided that the Motherboard needed to be replaced, again. It was at this time I made the request to Support for an exchange. I made this request by saying," Wouldn't it be much simpler to just give me a replacement PC that way we would know what we have and we wouldn't be chasing our tails with other issues that may arise later? " That logic and request was ignored and the Second Motherboard was installed, and it was after this install that the SSD (Mini) failed to work again or was broke during the procedure. Like the other issue I brought this to Dell Supports attention and I must have got the same individual I had before with the HDD because that was ignored.

Using the PC for a few months more I now started having Graphics issues and like the other calls I informed Dell Support and they decided to replace the graphics card. This seemed to fix the issue however it was a short while later and the issue returned again. And it was decided again the Graphics card to be replaced.

A Little time passed (Maybe a Week) and I once again had to call Dell Warranty Support and it was decided again to replace the Graphics Card. What is the old saying, " 3rd Time is a charm " hardly, I think they sent me the previous Graphics card, I had to call in again. It was at this point in time that the PC was getting close to it's year Warranty, but still in Warranty none the less. However Support dragged the issue out till such the time that the XPS became, Out Of Warranty, and then they washed their hands of me. I didn't even get a follow-up phone call with the option to extend my warranty. And I have been trying to get this resolved from the start but the defence on the part of those I was able to contact at Dell was, " It is out of Warranty " I tried to tell them I knew it was Out of Warranty that wasn't what I was calling about, I was calling to try and get someone to understand that I the Customer That had VALID WARRANTY had to go out and Buy my own parts to replace the ones they said they were Fixing my PC with, or plainly replace what they ignored me on when I brought those issues to their attention.

I tried to use Logic with the people I talked with and asked them, how would you feel if you bought a new car and you had to buy your own parts for it while in the Car manufacturers Warranty time frame, or that very car that you bought had no Vin Number on it? As did the XPS that was sold to me and it had No service tags on it anywhere, I told them I always had to access that info via the Bios of the PC, when it actually booted up, as it was a short while later that the PC failed to boot anymore and it sits in my closet now. If I had to put a time scale on it this NEW
(Cough, Cough) PC may have seen 6 months actual use. I honestly feel that I bought a PC that was slated for the refurbished Line and somehow I got it, as it has no service tags on it anywhere. When I told Support about this, the reply I got, " Well they must have wore off ".

I told this person that I have and Old Dell Inspiron and it still has the service tags on it, My old laptop I have to use instead of you XPS still has the service tag on it, and even my old Polaroid 10 inch tablet still has it on the back as do the 2 other new tablets I have. Those Service tags didn't, and/or haven't wore off.??? They had no answer for that? I also told them that if I would have used this PC with NO issues for the time of the Warranty and then it ran out and I was then trying to call up support and trying to pull a fast one over on support I would agree wholeheartedly with them telling me to go pound sand. That however wasn't the case, I had to go out and buy my own parts While in Valid Warranty time to replace what they wouldn't, or didn't with respect to the SSD that failed to work after the 2nd MOTB install that I voiced my opinion against but they did it anyway. I even used the example, that if they hired me to paint their home, how would they feel if I treated them with the same disrespect with Product and Customer Warranty issues. What would they want done, or how would they feel if the shoe was on their foot? That Logic like the rest went in one ear & out the other.

In closing Mr. Dell I would like to thank you for taking your time to read my grievance and I am sorry that a Dell Customer, and a returning Dell customer had to write this letter to inform you that there are people within your company that dropped the ball but they don't want to own up to the fact that they did, and it is my hope that when you read this that you will see what really happened. Even when I asked to be forwarded to someone higher in command, that request was ignored. I was told there was no one higher, I guess they forgot who they work for. I have enclosed some pictures that are self-explanatory and will give some indication of what I have experienced during all this. I have even been on the phone with support for so long at times and put on hold that my fully charged phone went dead. Or I was just hung up on, or I was given numbers under the guise that they were for someone higher in the chain of command, but they were either numbers not active anymore, for govt purposes, or just a number that was for regular Dell support.

If you spoke with someone from support they would try and tell you my experience was A1 and I was as Happy as a Lamb, they would tell you this because they wouldn't want you to know they dropped the ball, Dell took my money and gave me a Flawed product in return, Ignored me, and my wishes, and they basically said, " Yeah we took your money & gave you a flawed PC, good luck getting that higher in Command Help " They just wanted me to quietly go away. However, My Father (Now Gone) was a person that taught me Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong. When you mess up, you admit your mistake and make it right. When a customer you are doing work for, points out an issue with your work, you listen to that customer and if you messed up, you do what is right for the customer you don't ignore them or make excuses to wiggle out of your mistake.

I will close this letter by saying again, I am sorry that you have to read such a letter from a returning Dell customer, but the regular avenues failed exponentially, and I felt my hands were being tied and the people that I requested Higher Command from were not giving me honest information as to how they were doing their job to their superior, or you. I needed to tell you and make this request to you, for your help with this unfortunate situation. It is my hope that after you read this that you will say, Yes, someone that works for me dropped the ball severely, and see that I get a resolution to this and hopefully remain a Dell customer. However it may be your position to stand behind your employee(s) even in the light of their grievous error(s) that I have shared with you in this mail. If that is the case at least then I can say I tried and this customer will know where he stands on how you feel about such product issues and treatment of a returning customer, I can & will move on, but not for the lack of trying to resolve the issue.

Thank You again for taking your time to read this letter,

Respectfully, Robert K. MacDonald
Your letter is way too long, unclear, and frankly antagonistic. You insult the agents, the company and the product. Why on earth would anyone want to help you at Dell if that's the attitude? You need to shorten it, use bullets, build a POLITE case for yourself and not let your seething anger show through. There is NO need to relate everything you said to each agent and the fact that you were ignored over and over. Just state the facts. Also, if you were blocked by the support account on Twitter, I'm willing to bet you were angry and abusive on there too.


Mar 23, 2015
If the OP replaced parts on his own while the computer was still under warranty, I don't think he's going to get very far with Dell's warranty folks. He's probably invalidated the warranty. (However, I haven't actually read Dell's warrant terms, so I may be wrong.)
I immediately thought that too. How does Dell know that the "home repair" didn't cause the issue? He is likely hosed on that fact alone.