Delivery to hotel

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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I did contact the corporate office and they seems responsive to training staff and put me on the phone with someone at the hotel who made us a gesture of goodwill(free food/drink). The hotel, the Venetian is owned by the Sands and I hope they truly act on this. I did contact the Nevada AG to see if there’s a violation. We got the package for free, they promised to train their staff and free food for the aggravation. Now let’s see what the Corp office does. Their contacts are not in your directory I just googled it.
Ah, you didn't state that the hotel was in Las Vegas, home of the super-charged mentality when it comes to visitors ... since they know they'll never see most of their customers again. Next time, check with the hotel's website before moving ahead to avoid these kinds of problems.
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Sep 19, 2015
I really had no need to check with their website. The supervisor i spoke with at FedEx said the same thing. How is a consumer supposed to know that after checking with a CSR on the phone and the checkin people that I should have checked the website? I didn't contract with FedEx, but the USPS. There needs to be transparency with charges, like the resort fees or minibar. Think of the thousands of people that they did this to and didn't inform.
Yes you contracted with USPS -- to deliver the package to a person at an address -- yet the hotel could legally refuse to accept the mail, as it is for a guest -I could address an envelope to Christina H guest at SuperSwankyHotel and they would be legally able to refuse it, as it is not mail for the business itself or employees.

I suspect that some hotels no longer want the responsibility or to pay the staff and it made more sense to outsource it -- and the outsource company (ie business center)

Now the OP was given goodwill gestures, ie package for free and food -- what more is expected. It is likely they will train people as they do not want to give out free food and cover the cost of the package. Is that not enough punishment for the company? The policies are on the website, so the company can respond to the AG that the information is there; the written information is what matters, and a CSR making a mistake is likely not a massive consumer violation worthy of attention of the AG.
Jan 25, 2016
The Disney-owned hotels at Walt Disney World started charging for package delivery some years back. Guests staying in the time share villas would have large Costco or Sam's Club deliveries and flats of water delivered. They also have 2-3 convention hotels there and the collateral, displays, etc do take up quite a bit of space in the hotel's bell services area.
That's what I experienced also ... staying at the Coronado at WDW. It wasn't presented up front and seemed to be tied to the fact that it was their "business center" that handled the package. On one hand, I can understand their having to store and track a package that might arrive a day (or more) before my arrival. On the other hand, be up front about it.
Jan 5, 2015
Years ago, when I was but a young bird, I worked at convention hotel. We would have people ship anything and everything you can imagine to us. We had to sign for it, store it, be responsible for it, and deal with frazzled convention go-ers to retrieve the packages. This was not easy, and one producer from ESPN was the worst piece of work I've ever dealt with. I seriously hope she fell off a bridge or something. She was upset because her colleague, to whom a valuable package was addressed, was released to him. Apparently she had "called" (I doubt it) and spoken to the GM of the hotel and told him not to release the package to that person. Well, if that happened, it never got down to us, and for that, I was spit upon by a irate wannabe TV producer. Seriously. She spit on me.

It does take a lot of effort to deal with these packages. My wife used to work at Di$ney and said it was even worse there where people who would ship entire crates of food, some of which had to be refrigerated.

Expect fees at large, convention style hotels and resorts. Not so much at your local Best Western type place.