Curious Letter from Sedgwick/Avis

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Jan 20, 2019
Last week I received a letter from Sedgwick claiming that an Avis vehicle was damaged while in my possession two months ago. The letter contains the proper Avis Rental Agreement Number for that time. It further claims that I had accepted LDW, that I'm not responsible for the damages, and that they're requesting "additional information regarding the accident". I never take the LDW.

The vehicle was certainly not damaged while in my possession. I've rented more than 50 cars over the last 2 years and have only had a flat tire; I guess I was due. I have now rented from the same location 3 additional times since the rental on which damage is now being claimed without any discussion of any previous problem(s).

The letter asks me to "send the attached form with as much information as possible to the address below", yet no form was attached.

Any recommendations on how to proceed without tipping my hand re: LDW? The car was rented on my AMEX and I believe that their coverage would/should apply, but I'd still be willing to argue over a false claim.

Thank you.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Oh, Scott, this situation is almost funny. We've known for quite some time that the rental car agencies are clueless, and this proves it in spades. Just write them a polite note to tell them that you didn't damage the car. Request that they check their records so they can contact the person who subsequently rented and damaged it. Assuming, of course, that someone did damage the car ... with these guys you never know.