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Sep 16, 2018
I switched providers for my bundle of Internet, Cable TV, and Land Line Telephone in March 2018. From Wave, who cheated me, to Comcast Xfinity, who is as of now, seemingly doing the same. They agreed to charge $128/month, taxes included, for the first year, through March 2019. Which they did.

I emailed ) the Comcast contact person (Charlie Herrin) from your web site ~a month before the end of 3/2018 to see about rates for my second year. I was polite and asked for a only a modest increase, saying how I wanted to be a long term customer. I never heard back.

I got my first bill of the second year at the end of 3/2019, and it was only up $2 to $130 (I'm rounding change off here). Sounded good. My next bill was ~$180 and the following bills have been $190/month!!

I wrote Mr. Herrin back late May and have yet to hear any reply. This is almost a 50% increase, from $128 to $190. With no replies to any of my emails. And no change in service or equipment.

As to ''how I hope you can help me'' I hope you can get them to honor their SEEMING second year quote of $130/month for no change in my services. I had (MISTAKENLY) thought that they didn't reply but increased my monthly bill to $130, and that they were sending me my second year bill, but didn't feel they wanted to spend the time contacting me, which was OK with me. Aside: I had to go see my long term best friend at the end of April, so I didn't see their gargantuan increase to $180, let alone the further increase to $190 the following month, for some time. I do auto pay on my credit card.


Again, I interpreted their increase from $128 to $130 as their way of telling me what my second year monthly bill would be since that was their charge for the first month of the second year. A 2% increase is far more reasonable than an almost 50% increase, that they won't respond to me about! I haven't called them because I want whatever they respond to be in writing, as my trust in them has obviously declined. I also offered to make a multi-year agreement for continuation of service from them. No reply from them at all.

While this is ''over the horizon,'' I've found Wave to be crooks, which is why I left them last year. IF Comcast also proves to be the same (which I hope is NOT the case!), I may have a problem in March/April 2020, since these are the two main providers in this area. AT&T also is, but I've heard that they have lots of problems in my area. I've also seen smaller named providers on line, but don't know if they can bundle all three services that I use, nor if they are any good. I've had no service problems with Comcast, so would prefer to stay with them.

I read your column in my Sunday paper, and see you often call the company who does respond to you. Though I've since been told that you cannot advocate with Comcast on my behalf.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Standard Comcast monthly fee without new account discount is ~$200. This is their regular monthly charge. You can try to negotiate but you have used up your new account discount.
Exactly. With Comcast the only way to get them to make you an offer is to disconnect for a short period and then let them come back to you.

We have them for our Florida home and they are the worst to deal with because of the lack of service where I am.
Jan 11, 2019
The small price you received the first year was an introductory rate. Most cable, satellite and internet providers do the introductory rate thing. When I get a movie channel at a special rate, it warns me on my bill when it ends and the new higher rate begins. Seems like it's easy to overlook the bill statement when paying online, but I highly suggest looking it over so there won't be any surprises. You can call and try to renegotiate. It usually works with DirecTV. Good luck.
Feb 3, 2019
With Comcast the only way to get them to make you an offer is to disconnect for a short period and then let them come back to you.
In my experience, calling them to downgrade or cancel outright once the initial rate expired always prompted a customer retention specialist to offer me a deal. (To be clear, I always intended to follow through with the downgrade/cancellation if we reached an impasse - I wasn't just blowing smoke.)

I got even better rates when I asked specifically if they could match whatever new customer offer they had going - I'm not sure they ever matched it precisely, but knowing what they were willing to do to attract new customers did let me negotiate from a stronger position. One year (yep, did this annually), they couldn't quite match the new customer price, but cut my bill significantly and added multiple premium services at no extra charge.
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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
When "negotiating" with a service like ComCast, please don't think that "no answer" is an agreement with you. It's just a stalling technique, raising your rate a couple of dollars for a month or two, to lull you into thinking that you have an agreement on your terms. These people play hard ball ... don't ever assume anything, renegotiate your contract (or not) and get a clear agreement, not just an absense of information or confirmation. They're making millions on consumers who don't understand what kind of companies they are and who can't live without their services.