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Feb 3, 2015
7 on your side recommended I contact you immediately,
I booked a hotel room at the Holiday Surf Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii from Aug 15th to august 25th 2014 through
We arrived at the hotel and was shocked at seeing the hotel , we had to climb 7 stairs with our suitcase to a dingy little office. I checked in and was given a room with a bedroom. The kitchen was horrible, the kitchen, burners were not good. The table and chairs looked like they were picked it up from the streets. They had no swimming pool.
I went back to the office and asked to cancel since it would be 10 days that we were going to stay there. The rules of the hotel says was no cancellation for any reason.
The first morning there we had the complimentary coffee that they keep for guests. The next morning there was no coffee there, I called up the office and spoke to the manager and she told me that complimentary coffee is for paid guests only not guests from that evening we bathed there was no hair dryer so I again called up the manager and she told me to come to the office and sign for the hair dryer.
One afternoon we were at home having a siesta when a man opened the door and when he saw me he was shocked and told me that the door bell was not working , but the bell was working and he did not knock,
I asked him as to what did he want and he told me that he was there to do inventory, he looked at the TV and Vcr and the paintings and said they were all there and it was okay.
I opened a dispute with my American express about the whole thing and that I was not happy about it. Today I called American Express and they said that the case is still on going and the money was suspended I spoke to Mathew who tells me to wait till the 16th of this month that they were doing all the ground work. I have less time to deal with this collection agency
Yesterday I received a letter from a collection agency saying that I have to pay the total amount.
I have no monies to go get a lawyer and I need help fast, I e-mailed Chris the paperwork


Did you stay at the hotel the full booked dates? I don't see where you mention leaving for another hotel.

Mike Z

Jan 8, 2015
FDS, I realize the sadness when you get a hotel room that really, and I mean really sucks. I had that happen to me in Williamsburg, VA one year. Did you happen to take any photographs of the room and accomodaons that the hotel provided you? On the Bookit site, what is promised vs what you got? I think you will have a case if you can show what is advertised is not what you got.

As to the collection letter, I would send a reply immediately letting them know that you are disputing the charges. You only have a given amount of time to dispute the collection letter before the collection attempt is considered legit. Also, just because you are disputing the charges does not mean that you may not eventually pay them. It just means the charges are in dispute.


Jan 6, 2015
the United States
A number of things come to mind as I read through your post.

First, it appears that you stayed the entire 10 days at the Holiday Surf Hotel. While the condition and services were substandard for you, this diminishes your chances of a refund as they provided a room with every in working order (at least you did not say anything was defective).

You mentioned a pool but the BookIt description does not state there is one. In fact it implies you may have to go elsewhere:

"Waikiki is a great choice for travelers interested in Swimming Pools, Excursions and Sailing"

What they do promise:

"spacious accommodations, furnished with all the comforts of home, including full kitchens", and "modern conveniences, including stoves and cooking utensils. Guests will also appreciate wireless internet access and 24-hour front desk service"

So nothing in writing about coffee or hair dryers. Whenever I see a basic description like this, I contact the hotel (email) to verify other amenities in which I'm interested. And as an FYI, more hotels are requiring guests to check out a hair dryer.

Finally, BookIt describes it this way: "this family-owned hotel …"

Given all of that, I think your chances of prevailing vs. the hotel are poor. I sincerely wish I could say otherwise.

You have not indicated what you paid, but for 10 days in April on BookIt I see a rate of just under $700, which I consider to be good/great. To prevent a possible ding to your credit ratings I would pay the hotel and pursue this differently.

Contact BookIT at [email protected] and remember the following when pleading your case:

- Be very polite and succinct - present the highlights and stay on point
- If you know what you want from them be specific and reasonable. In this case, I don't see much wiggle room for compensation.
- Avoid using strong emotional phrases in your statements
- Remember to thank them for their time and consideration!
- Proceed up the chain as needed, waiting a week each time for a response

Going forward, if you do not already, remember to check reviews on hotels and attractions. For this one, TripAdvisor rates as #76 of 82 Honolulu Hotels. It has nearly as many negative reviews as positive ones.

Best wishes for success, and please keep us posted ...
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I asked about the length of your stay, as if you didn't check out, but utilized the room the whole booking time, you have a weak leg to stand on for asking for your money back. Do you have complaints that should be addressed? Well we all have what we like and don't like and you certainly should address any safety issues and any nonfunctioning parts of your accommodation.

I am a Hawaii specialists and have never heard of this hotel. However, that doesn't surprise me as a lot of older buildings along and towards the Ala Wai are being renovated and are budget properties. In Hawaii you pay for location and the Ala Wai is not at the top of the location list. A quick check with Trip Advisor, like VoR61 mentioned, would have shown you other guests concerns.