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May 20, 2020
Dishonest stuff, very unprofessional, not clear about regulation of baggage fee and visa, they speak very fast and unclear, it takes at least 4 days to reach out a manager. They are not careful if the tickets are not connected or connected. Lack of information.
we were trying to get our flight tickets from CHEAPoair. we found tickets we wanted and paid them via visa. somehow something went wrong and representative called me to inform me that these connected tickets had been cancelled and he was happy to help me with another booking. from the beginning of our conversation we told him we were not able to layover in 2 cities in Europe due to Schengen Visa requirement. in addition told him that we wanted to make sure that flights were not from AirCanada. he searched for us and after 1 hour of our conversation he said "I found tickets you want. Tickets are similar to the one you got but destination is Istanbul instead". we were ok with that as long as it was connected flight and Lufthansa flight. he purchased the tickets and he wanted me write down the booking number. I wrote it down. we still thought that these tickets were the ones we attempted to buy before representative called us (connected flight) Cheapoair never bought non-connected flight for me before. he said "ok, Turkish airline tickets are good too". we hanged up. I decided to call AirCanada about my flight, when I called them they said they were only able to see the Vancouver-Frankfurt tickets and these tickets are basic tickets which we do have to pay $200 per pessenger. we have not paid any fee for luggage for connected flight that's why I was so mad. also AirCanada representative told me that Cheapoair should have let me known about the flight option such as basic, flex or premium.
I have been very disappointed with their supervisors already. they would spend your valuable 6 hours waiting in the line saying "okay ma'm I will transfer you to a manager on duty NOW" at least 10 times in 1 hour. Butl you still are on hold. I have all off the call records this time and I am not going to let them to take an advantage of my took us for 4 days to talk to a manager. and he could not solve our problem at all.

we were always getting our flight tickets from them. but I saw Cheapoair would not deserve my money at all.

I am financially and emotionally damage.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Our rule of thumb- if it says Cheapo in the name, there is a reason it’s cheap. Unfortunately, you found out why. This is well known about how Cheapo books to save money.

When you book your own travel you need to really research the company you use before purchasing.
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Jun 24, 2019
Where were you trying to fly from and to? Vancouver, Canada to Istanbul, Turkey?

How much did you have to pay which was more than you would have paid with Air Canada, for example?

Why did you use an on-line travel agency(OTA) such as Cheapoair? Why not just call (or go on-line) to Air Canada, Lufthansa or Turkish Air?

As best as I can determine, Air Canada offers a code share flight with Turkish Air, from Vancouver to London, and then London to Istanbul.
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