Charged for expensive equipment without my knowledge or permission

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Dec 31, 2018
My internet has dropped and dropped and dropped since day one. ATT sends a tech out to "fix the problem." He relocated my router from the middle of the house where I had decent coverage throughout and placed it at one end of the house and then installed TWO extenders. My service has continued to drop and drop and drop so the extenders did not fix the problem. They even sent a guy CHEWING TOBACCO IN MY HOME to try to fix the extenders. I WAS NEVER ONCE INFORMED THAT I WAS BUYING THESE TWO EXTENDERS FOR MORE MONEY THAN WHAT ANY OTHER RETAILER CHARGES. He also took all the packaging with him. Today I find out that I have been charged highway robbery for these extenders and find out there is a NO RETURN POLICY!!!!! Are you kidding me? They are specific to ATT and work no better than the 2 extenders that I already owned but the tech refused to use. If a company is going to install expensive OPTIONAL equipment in your house, they should be honest about the charges BEFORE INSTALLATION. Since he took the packaging with him, I can't even get a decent price for them on Ebay. I DO BELIEVE THAT I ALSO BOUGHT THE PACKAGING!!!!!!!
Feb 3, 2017
Every time my cable company installed something new for me - I was asked about and then always had to sign for it after it was installed.

I agree - contact them and explain you were not informed and inquire what their procedure is for such new equipment. I'm surprised you did not have sign for this additional cost at the time of installation - if it something that was unexpected.
Apr 10, 2017
I am assuming that when you say 'internet', you are referring to your wifi signal. There are many resources online that deal with improving your wifi signal throughout your house. There are many factors involved - the equipment, where it's located, type of construction of your house, etc. As one example, here is a link to a recent Consumer Reports article. It does take patience and experimentation.
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