Cancelled Spirit Flight

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Mar 4, 2020
I had booked a spirit flight to FLL from ORD to arrive the day before a cruise departure in January (18th 7 AM). Less than 12 hours before the flight departure, the flight was cancelled without an explanation or warning. No immediate options were presented by Spirit and we needed to get to FLL in time for the cruise to depart. I subsequently booked two one way tickets for my friend and I on American Airlines that everning. Early the next morning we started getting notice from Spirit about an alternate flight leaving much later going from ORD to LAX with a layover, arriving in FLL the next morning. So leave Chicago, fly to Los Angeles, and then fly past Chicago to Florida? Which really was not an option, with a three hour layover, putting in Florida the next day. Fast forward to the end of the cruise and our return flight was cancelled as they deemed us "no-shows". Where I then booked two more one way tickets back to ORD. Total fees for both us as were around $1,200 just on American. Not to mention the $333 each we paid for flights that were never delivered. After an hour long call with Spirit in Florida the departing day, they offered us flights out the next evening at 10:30 PM. So add two full days of meals, hotel stay, and both of us losing a days pay to the total bill, if we waited for that. At FLL we spoke to a gate agent and a supervisor who sent us to spririt online to request compensation. While I was offered a $50 voucher to fly again with an airline that can't deliver, my friend received a full refund of his flight from spirit on his first try. I've since sent a total of three emails to Spirit including copies of his email where he got a full refund, not to mention a letter I wrote explaining our situation. My second request for assistance was ignored and my third was answered by a person, saying we are working on it. We're both out a significant amount of money for services we paid for and weren't delivered. I understand there was weather involved that day, but if American, United, and Delta were all flying out of ORD, there's no reasonable excuse for spirit not to... I understand the rules of ticketing and travel, as I travel extensively and globally. But a full refund is the least Spririt can do to me me whole from this disaster.


Feb 12, 2019
Do you have the email stating that your original flight from ORD to FLL was cancelled? Did it say it was automatically cancelled and you were getting refunded or did you have to say you wanted a refund otherwise they would rebook you on the next flight? I have an inkling the email might have said that your flight is cancelled and they were going to rebook you unless you wanted a refund, upon not hearing from you the rebooked you via LAX which is why you then no-showed and since it was a RT ticket cancelled your flight home too.

BTW if you bought a RT ticket asking for a refund for the flight out almost always results in a cancellation and refund of the trip back too.

Also, Spirit is a low cost airline which doesn't have the multitude of flights and other redundancies the legacy carriers have. The low cost airlines are often not the best choice if you have a non-flexible time limit like a cruise.