Canceled flight - Reimbursement - Frontier

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Jan 13, 2019
Hi all, my name is Henrique and I am from Brazil.

At June 27th 2018 Me and my family(I and three people), had a flight scheduled at 6:12pm to O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, Illinois) from Orlando International Airport(Orlando, Florida) - Flight F9 1263.

This flight was delayed to 9:20pm, and at 08:30pm we were noticed at the boarding gate that the flight was cancelled, no one helped us, the Frontier employee told us that the next flight would be at June 30th 2018(4 days after) and just gave us a letter to reimburse the money, saying that we could buy a ticket from another flight company.

We asked the reason for the cancellation of the flight and we were informed that it would not be disclosed. As we had an appointment at June 28th 2018 we bought a flight ticket at SouthWest Airlines, boarding at 6:50 am on June 28th to Midway Airport - Chicago. We spent 15 hours at the airport and no accommodation or food was offered.

So on July 6, 2018, I performed all the necessary procedures for the reimbursement and until today(January 13, 2019) I did not receive my money back.

I called several times for CUSTOMER RELATIONS(paying international calls) and the answer is always the same, "Wait 15 days, you will get a bank check by the post office" - I do not believe it, since it's 2019 and banking transactions are simple things.

I talked with the ombudsman and the promise was a bank transfer, but after several contacts and false promises I did not receive my money back.

Now I'm going to try Trista Miller(Director Customer Care).

I'm frustrated, since the reimbursement amount is high because there were 4 tickets and the luggage.

Henrique Bernardes

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Frontier is a low-budget airline with little customer service. You'll need to be patient and keep contacting them ... in writing as Neil outlines. Be polite and persistent.
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Jan 7, 2015
My son's flight was cancelled on Frontier, and he, too, had to get back to work the next day on Southwest, as Frontier couldn't get him back in time. I began emailing customer service, then the contacts listed on the Elliott website. No one responded. I then went to their Facebook page and sent a message listing all the names of the people who were not responding to me. I got an immediate response and someone from customer service contacted me soon after. Although they were only going to pay up to a certain amount for the Southwest ticket, which was $500, I persisted and they eventually reimbursed me for the entire amount.