Cancel “refundable or non”

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Apr 2, 2019
I put 200 on a cruise for July 22, 2019. I was not asked if I wanted refundable or non refundable at the time. The money was taken from my account 3/5/2019. I called customer service and she told me that it would cost 100 per person to cancel!
My daughter and I are both gold members of RCI and we were told by the customer service person that when I booked I chose non refundable cruise! I was NOT given that option to choose because if I had I would have chosen refundable.
I also told the girl we ha e to move but once we were settled we would rebook. Right now we need all monies to go toward the move.
I was disappointed that our cruise lines that my daughter and I are both gold members from would treat me that way. I need my 200 back today but that small display of kindness would give back thousands because we will book again and again and again.
What would you do?


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
You can reach out to RCI :
Email the first cust serv person on the list and repeat weekly if no/negative response. Do NOT email all of the contacts at once.
You can also try reaching out of Facebook or Twitter.

You are asking for an exception to their policy so do not make hard to meet demands. Emphasize your plans for future cruises.
They may let you use the deposit for a future cruise rather than refund your money.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
How did you book this? Did you call or do it on the website yourself? If you did it on the website, the first option that shows are the nonrefundable prices- you can click on another pricing option to get refundable but they have made the refundable options very expensive and with very few cabins available.
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Feb 12, 2019
Gold member is the lowest loyalty level Royal Caribbean has. While I'm not sure if any loyalty status would sway their answer, it definitely won't be the lowest. (I just moved up from Gold after my 6th cruise with them.) Royal changed their default booking options around a year or two ago to what Neil mentioned. If you book on your own you have to take several steps to make your deposit refundable vs the default non-refundable.

Also, the $100 is the penalty and the rest of your deposit is only returned to you as a credit for a future cruise - not cash. Most reservations with Royal are a $250 deposit - so for non-refundable it's a $100 penalty and they'll give you $150 credit to move to another cruise.
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