Can I get a refund for a non refundable ticket

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Apr 14, 2020
I have a ticket to fly from San Francisco to Philadelphia next tuesday and cannot use it as we are Sheltered in Place. It is a non refundable ticket, but I would like to get my money back rather than a credit. I am 81 years old and I don't know if I am ever going to want to travel again.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If the airline doesn’t cancel the flight, only receive a credit for the price of your ticket (if they are waving fees for your flight.)Only if the airline cancels would you receive a refund.

I’d wait until the day before your flight and see if they cancel.
Jan 7, 2015
I had flights scheduled to fly to CA on American from April 7-13. Based on advice from this site, I waited to see if it would be cancelled. First I got a call that it was rescheduled. Then I got a cancellation on my app (no call or email) two days before. Then on the app, I was told it was rescheduled to leave two hours earlier. I called American and told them I wasn't accepting the rescheduled flight and that I wanted a refund. The rep said that because it was within two hours, I could only get a credit. I told her that I wanted a credit good for two years, as United and Delta had announced. She put me on hold, then told me they'd refund my money in two-three weeks.
I agree with Neil; wait until the day before and if not cancelled, given your age, ask if they will cancel for you. If that rep says no, ask to speak to a supervisor. Speak politely and kindly. If that supervisor says no, hang up and call again. You may find a rep with compassion. That has worked for me.
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