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Feb 4, 2020
I rented a car from Budget. About two weeks after returning the vehicle, I received a letter from Viking billing claiming that I owed close to $500 in damages. I know I did not cause this damage.

No one inspected the rental vehicle when I returned it, and this Budget location is in the parking lot of a very busy Walmart. It very possible that the vehicle was hit after I had returned it. I also returned to this location a few days after dropping off the "damaged" vehicle and was not told that my previously rented vehicle had been damaged.

After receiving the letter, I did initially call Viking before reading the forums seeking more info. They directed me back to Budget. Budget keeps directing me back to Viking. It seems like every time I send an email to Budget , I don't get a response back, but I instead get a call from Viking. I have been following the advice of the forums and working up the customer service and executive ladder via email (currently on my first executive).

I guess my main question is should I respond to the calls and emails from Viking or keep working my way up the chain? Ultimately, I can, but do not want to pay for damages that I did not cause, but I also do not want this to affect my credit. I am asking Budget for more evidence regarding the time the vehicle was inspected for damage by a Budget associate (Walmart/Budget camera footage), time stamped photos of when the damage was discovered, as well as an explanation for discrepancies in the odometer reading from when I dropped the vehicle off to when it was professionally inspected and appraised for damage. I know that Viking probably cannot provide me with this information. Is there anything additional I should be doing to get these executives attention? I am about to write the second Budget executive tomorrow.

I really appreciate this forum and thank you for your guidance in advance.
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Jan 24, 2020
Your situation is so similar to the one I had. I thought I would just let you know that I followed the advise from this forum and had success in the end. It's painful to have to keep your anger in check when you really want to vent on Budget and Viking and ask why they condone this behavior. I'm sorry you were a victim, too. Good luck with your emails.