Budget False claim, end of options?

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Mar 20, 2020
I like many here I have received a false claim of damage and after reading through posts and suggested steps here, have gone through all of them and I'm not sure what else I can do at this point. I'm wondering if anyone else might have any suggestions. Here's a quick overview of events:
  • Aug 2019
    • Rented car for 2 hours - No damage upon pickup, during my time, or on drop off. Unfortunately I don't have any 'evidence' which I have now learned the hard way.
  • Jan 2020
    • Received initial mailing from Sedgwick claiming damage to rental vehicle - detached bumper corner.
    • Contacted Sedgwick to understand what the claim was as I had no idea. Requested damage claim report. Received via email. Also called various sources such as Budget customer service, rental help desk, etc. to try and obtain any additional information which turned out to be pointless.
    • Emailed first suggested executive, Joshua Yount, to voice my concerns and request additional information, he replied that he would investigate. Never heard back, followed up, never heard back.
      • Concerns outlined in my email:
        • The odometer from the picture within the report is not the same mileage as when I returned the vehicle which leaves ample opportunity for damage to have occurred after I returned the vehicle and it was out of my possession. (drop off mileage = 24038, damage report picture mileage = 24039)
        • There is no picture of the car’s license plate in any of the pictures, so there is no way for me to be certain the pictures are the same car that I was in possession of.
        • The pictures also do not indicate any date/time stamp on them, so I have no way to verify when those pictures were in fact taken.
        • The date of the incident report was not the same date that I returned it.
  • Life got in the way and I forgot to continue up the chain consistently here
  • Mar 2020:
    • Received mail from Viking Client Services to inform me of debt collection.
      • We sent a certified letter to inform our intention to dispute as well as request proof. They simply sent the same damage report from Budget that I had received in the beginning, nothing new or different.
    • Filed complaint with BBB
      • Response finally received last week: however it was just another generic: "everything looks in order with the claim" and not acknowledging any of my points.
    • Emailed Joe Bartee, to again voice my concerns and request additional information. He must have FWD my email back to Joshua Yount, as Joshua then replied back with a generic: "we looked at it, everything looks legitimate, please direct future inquiries to claims service" - again no acknowledgment of my concerns.
    • Emailed Ronald Nelson with the same concerns. No replies - have requested a follow up each week since (today marks the 4th one).

At this point, not one response, of only 2 sadly, have addressed a single question I've asked and unsuprisingly I just get scripted brush off replies. As I've already hit the top of the suggested contacts and feel like I'm talking to a wall, I feel as if it's hopeless and am considering legal consult.