Best Buy steeling my money!

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May 7, 2020
This is way long and it's not a question. I need help with getting something done about my issue with Best buy.
To whom it may concern:
I am writing this email with concern about BestBuy’s business dealings and customer care! I understand that the Covid. 19 virus changed a lot of the way things are happening, and we have to be social distancing and taking precautions but I am being left out in the wind with neither my money back or exchange for my laptop, or it even being repaired with a new install of Windows10 64bit. S not in S Mode. Geek Squad informed me that they cannot do a Windows 10 install remotely! So Just what am I supposed to do? Since right before this Pandemic Covid 19 virus, I have been sent in so many circles on trying to get this taken care of and no one wants to step up and take care of it. I know It’s not my fault this laptop is not running properly. I do know this matter needs to be taken care of Or I will take this further! Basically, Best Buy has sent me in circles. I have made many calls, spent many hours and many days with the issues of this laptop saying it is 64-bit processor but only 32 bit programs run on it! I have been trying to get something resolved. Or figure out what can be done by Best Buy to reinstall windows. Which as I have been told no that It can’t be done remotely! Which I no that as I used to be a technician myself. I am still waiting for someone to figure out what is going to happen with resolving this. I am stand for Best buy taking my money and telling me to screw off! The laptop has to have an install of regular windows 10 64-bit software not in s mode, so the laptop is able to run 64-bit programs. We bought their total tech support and when we paid for the total Tech. Support Installations is apart of the Total Tech Support package! Best Buy is saying I am out of my money on the services that tech support provides and that I have to take a loss on a brand new laptop that we purchased or pay more money to have them come to my house to fix it. So Best Buy is trying to keep my money. Best buy has made us feel like we are not valued as customers at the same time taking our money! Even thou we have even purchased the Total Tech Support at $200 dollars which isn’t cheap as we cant afford everyday to just pay for services that were not receiving! We were promised they would fix the issues with the computer for up to a year! Since we bought the laptop, we have had nothing but issues with it. This is not the way to treat a customer and by stealing their money and false advertising this laptop as a 64 bit which it is not or its not able to truly run 64 bit programs. Best Buy is not honoring their return or exchange policy, as the purchase date is expired for a refund as it was right at the cut off that they are giving other customer which it was extended for other customer but because we purchased the laptop Feb. 17,2020 and they are giving extentions for other customer that purchased anything from March 1st, 2020 thru the time they shut down due to pandemic. We as well as, paid for their total tech support on Feb 21,2020 services and their total tech support Services are not being provided.
`The main purpose for purchasing this laptop was to upgrade from the one I have at home that has a 32 bit processor and running 32-bit windows. So, I CAN WORK FROM HOME!. We need a laptop that is 64 bit and 8 gigs of ram running windows 64 bit programs. Most jobs are requiring these specks to work from home! Well since the beginning we were lied to about the laptop when we purchased it! Excuse me if I repeat my self I am just trying to make sure everything is said.
Well My husband went to BESTBUY on FEB. 17Th to purchase a laptop for me! He was greeted by a Best Buy rep who of course put on his salesman skills and he was willing to help my husband out! . So my husband right away let the rep no what we were looking for which was a laptop that has 64 bit processor, with at least 8 gigs of ram and running Microsoft Windows 64 bit and He specified it must be able to work from home. As I said I already had a laptop at home that is 32-bit processor and running Microsoft windows 32 bit. So, we wanted an upgrade, so I may work from home. MY husband specified three times to the rep. that’s what we wanted and needed was to purchase a laptop that we are able to work from home!. So the rep showed him a Lenovo Yoga laptop C630 and the rep said that we would be able to work from home on that laptop and we would be happy with this laptop and the Lenovo yoga was the best out there! So, my husband purchased the laptop on Feb. 17th, 2020 along with some USB headsets and A dongle for the laptop along with a year subscription to Microsoft office 365. Well 4 days after purchasing the laptop (Lenovo Yoga c630) which was Feb. 21, 2020 we had to take it in! The laptop did not boot up correctly and was coming up to a bit locker screen and required a code. So, we take it in and spoke to geek squad member who acted like they could not help me unless we purchased the Total Tech Support for 200.00. My husband and I were discussing to either get our money back as we were already having issues with the laptop. OR Have BestBuy exchange the laptop for something else! As this was with in the 15 day return policy while we were discussing this, the geek squad tech informed us that they would have to reinstall windows on the laptop so he. The geek squad rep said to us if we purchased the total tech support it would not cost us a thing! They said we could leave the laptop there with them the geek squad to fix and it would be ready in 3 or four days! I was still leery on leaving it I just wanted to get our money back. So that has when the geek squad tech said to let them fix the computer and after that if the laptop was still having issues, we could bring it back and get our money back! So, the tech talked us into leaving the laptop and at that time they were also supposed to install Webroot on the laptop and install Microsoft Office 365 on the laptop to since we are paying for their services. so, we left the laptop there They created a service ticket and informed me that all they had to do was to reinstall windows 10 on it and said the laptop should be ready Feb. 24th, 2020.
Well On FEB. 24th 2020 We received a call from the geek squad saying they needed my permission to send the laptop out as something was wrong with the bios and they had to send it to the manufacture to install a new motherboard. They informed me that the laptop should still be under warranty, so I would not cost us any money to have this sent out! So, I did give along them the permission. Then they informed me that it could take two to three weeks for them to ship it out and to get it back!. So maybe a week and a half went buy and then we received an email that the laptop was ready to be picked up to schedule a time to pick it up! So, I did and I believe it was march 4th is when scheduled a time! I get there my scheduled time to pick it up had to wait 45 minutes way after my scheduled time! Well they finally came and to me and at this time best buy was getting ready to close so the geek squad technician came out with their little folder and a service agreement paper which I had no time to read, well he had me sign the paper, as he was in a hurry because the store was closed and said that all We had to do is to logon to Microsoft Windows to see if I could logon into my Microsoft acct. as they were out of time! As it is the windows wasn’t even done installing as he was talking to me! he then informed me that they weren’t able to install the Webroot as they ran out of time, so he said they would send the information on how to install it with the product id through email.. I was able to log on to windows but I wasn’t able to check the other programs that was supposed to be installed like Microsoft 365 all this time my husband waited out in the car from 820-to 930. As, the store was closed and the technician ran out of time. I was un able to have my other questions I had about this laptop answered and they basically shoved me out the door!. So we bring it home and then at 2-3 days later we received an email to not to forget to install Webroot and gave us the product id and etc. .Ok so at this time I did try to install the Webroot on this laptop and I got a error message. I then Installed Webroot on my other older laptop and Webroot worked, so I figured it was something wrong with this new laptop. I did call the geek squad at the store they told me to bring it in again and they would look at it!. when I get there the technician said that the mother board still is under warranty and if that was the issue to contact Lenovo and that when I mentioned how come the Webroot worked on my other laptop well that when they found out that Webroot is not compatible with my laptop! they informed me that they could install another antivirus software on it for me! I thought well why are we being charged for the Webroot and it’s not working on the laptop that it was supposed to be installed on! So that when the geek squad technician informed me that the Windows Defender option is good and should protect my laptop from viruses. I have not been able to use this computer yet nor I haven’t been able to work from home with it neither.
In fact, talking to one of the geek squad reps who informed us that We will never be able to work from home with this laptop! He said it is something to do with the snapdragon processor and it will only be able to run 32 bit programs on it. Which Best Buy is advertising this laptop as a 64 bit processor running Windows 64 bit. . Well needless to say they did not install any new antivirus software or send a link to install a new virus protection software for the laptop. I walked out of there with nothing resolved re: the antivirus software and upset and mad! About a week later which was into the middle of march already. And the pandemic had just been breaking out! I had more issues with this laptop. I am seeking jobs to work from home. So I did apply for two different jobs at two different companies! For me to get hired my laptop must pass their requirements. So to see if my laptop met the requirements, these companies sent a computer test which checks the hardware and software on your computer or laptop to make sure it was Windows 64 bit and a 64 bit processor along. The correct Windows version. And enough gigs of ram on the laptop to be able to run their programs. I was sent two different computer test from two different companies, to test the laptop and the laptop failed. It failed at the part of laptop being a 64 bit., I have screen shots that shows the results that it failed at 64 bit. And the windows was running in 32 bit version. So needless to say I was not hired at neither of those jobs! Buy this time I thought maybe I did something wrong or there was something wrong with the test. I ran the test again and again both tests still came back again saying the laptop failed. I checked the system settings on the laptop and in the settings it does show that this laptop is 64 bit. So, I then called the store and spoke to the geek squad again… Which I have spent many hours and many days on the phone with them re: this laptop and they told me to call their main /1800 number to get help! To make sure it was the computer. So then tried to install software and drivers for my HP printer! I got another error installing that software the error message said “the 64 bit installation package is not compatible with this computer, Please download the 32 bit installation packaged”. By this time I am extremely mad and upset. As, I just want a good running laptop that running regular Windows10 64 and still have not been able to use it properly! I did call the 1800 number tech support to receive help with this issue! I’ve have been told different things and that the laptop needs a new Windows 10 install,or it’s the motherboard again nor this laptop will never be able to work from home as we need to be able to work from home just like everyone else. BUT there is nothing they could do as the stores are closed to geek squad repairs and is not taking Installs at this time! I cannot believe we cannot even get curbside assistance with us dropping of the laptop to get the install done and then them calling us to say it was ready to be picked up! I do have proof of all the times I have called and spoke to someone about trying anyway possible to get this New Windows 10 installed and to resolve the issues with this laptop. I have been on hold many hours and many days which is documented and we are very frustrated as we are paying for a service with geek squads total tech support and not getting what we have paid for or accommodated for the services they can’t provide! We just bought this laptop and they are telling me that I have to wait till this Covid 19 is over!. Which I thought it and told one of the technicians that this virus could take up to 18 months to go away. So, I was even more mad as I just spent half my day waiting on hold to speak to someone about even getting my money back if there is nothing they can do or want to do for me! They are telling me it is passed the 15 day return policy and they can’t refund my money or exchange the laptop.( which we did take this laptop in 4 days after purchasing it) but we was talked out of getting our money back. I have explained the issues to many customer service reps and geek squad technicians like MEL, Lyra, Nick, Nathanel, Karl, Marcos, and they informed me that the laptop was unable to be fixed right now or to call Lenovo the manufacture of the laptop as It maybe the motherboard that its why its showing 64 bit in system settings but won’t run 64 bit programs. They said the motherboard they had replaced on the laptop should be under warranty to call Lenovo again! Which I believe it should have been Geek Squads’ responsibility to call Lenovo. Well I waited a couple days to calm down and start fresh.
I called Lenovo and they informed me that the warranty was expired which was even more upsetting to me that the geek squad pushed me off to Lenovo knowing the warranty was expired! I had to provide Lenovo with a copy of the receipt showing the purchase date of Feb. 17th before they would even help me with the laptop. They had to update the warranty on the laptop before they could say anything about the laptop! This took about four days to a week to update the warranty. So, I had to wait some more and now I am being sent in circles between Lenovo and geek squad nothing has been resolved. Lenovo is saying it’s not a motherboard issue to call Microsoft. Again, calling Lenovo and Microsoft should be the Geek Squad rep. That does this not the customer. Please help me! I know if this wad anyone one or you go purchase a laptop and it starts having issues and you’re not getting help and even thou you paid for Total Tech Support Service to help with you with computer issues with the laptop?, or your being told they won’t honor the 15 day return policy even thou you took your laptop in 4 days after purchasing it. Or your told they won’t even exchange the laptop! So now your out of that money you paid for the laptop, out of the money you paid for tech support and stuck with a computer that is not what you wanted that no one wants to do a new install on. Plus, you paid for an anti-virus software install on the laptop which was no. So, tell me you wouldn’t you feel like you were screwed, and BestBuy just stole your money! Please help me with this matter as something needs to be resolved or I would have to seek a lawyer to have this issued resolved!
Thank You I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter. The account has been under my husband’s name, phone number [email protected] Jason Axxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx. But they have also taken my name Michelle xxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx, [email protected] and my husband is the one paying for this laptop, as it was supposed to be a gift. He also paid for their Total Tech Support. I am authorized to speak on this laptop which they were supposed to put in their system as me being authorized or his account and they never did. Under my name it does not show the Total Tech Support. I do have screenshots and logs of the calls and times I have called the support and customer service re: tests that was run on the laptop which shows it failed at 32 bit processor. This was for two different jobs to work from home. But the requirements for these different jobs was your computer must be running Windows 10 64 bit version and for these 2 jobs. I was not able to get hired. So, with best buy lying to us about the laptop running windows 10 64 bit and it only able to run 32 bit program I lost out on These two very good jobs to work from home . If this laptop was what is say it is, the laptop would of passed their requirements for these jobs. I wouldn’t of had any issues but no this laptop is being advertised falsely and we paid for, as well were paying for services not received. Best Buy has stolen our money and we lost out of everything all the way round. So please can you help in this matter! I have talk to the store Manager at the store we bought this from and he didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say. The store is A Northglenn, Colorado on 104th avenue. I believe the managers name is jake or something like that I can’t remember I have talk to too many people.
Michelle xxxxx and Jason xxxxx
Jason xxxxx [email protected]
Michelle xxxxx [email protected]

Note: Edited by a moderator to remove personal information
Apr 10, 2017
You're correct when you say that it's way long, much too long. In fact. it is unreadable. You need to write a concise summary if you want people to read it.
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Jul 13, 2016
This is too long to read and has no paragraphs. We'd like to help but you need to re-write this in a much shorter, clearer form so we can understand the problem.

Your letter to Best Buy should be clearly written, with pertinent information, and very short. The time for more detail is AFTER you get someone at Best Buy to read your initial complaint. They can then ask for more info.

On 17 Feb 2020, I went to Best Buy on XXX street. We told the salesperson that I needed a 64 bit processor laptop with 8 gigs of ram running Windows 64 bit programs. The salesperson recommended the Lenova Yoga C630 which we bought.
On 21 Feb I returned to the same location because I was receiving error codes and could not use the laptop. At this point, we could still return it for full refund, but the salesperson persuaded us to purchase a Geek Squad service contract. It was only much later that we realized the laptop could never run the 64 bit Windows due to the Snapdragon processor.
Now, months later, and after weeks with the Geek Squad and a remote repair shop, the laptop cannot be returned, Lenova cannot help us, and I am still without a working laptop, vital to my work-from-home situation.
This entire situation stems from the fact that the salesperson either deliberately, or in error, recommended to us a laptop that would not fulfill my work requirements. And that when we tried to return it, other salespeople pushed a service contract on to us that also is worthless since there is no way the Lenova Yoga C630 can ever run my necessary 64 bit system.
I would like to be allowed to return this laptop for a full refund so I can purchase from Best Buy a laptop with the correct specs.

thank you very much,

I will say that I think you should have done your homework prior to purchase, or at the very least, after you bought it while you could return it. When I googled Lenova Yoga C630, I almost immediately found a review that states this laptop will not run the 64 bit system due to the WOS (Windows on Snapdragon) platform.
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Mar 23, 2015
Not to pile on, but I have no idea what's the issue here. You immediately launched into an incoherent, run on, ungrammatical tirade. I gave up halfway in. As best I can figure, you bought a laptop that you thought, for whatever reason (advertisement, assumption, whatever) was a 64 bit, but it turns out that the current OS will not run 64 bit programs and Best Buy will neither install a new OS, nor accept a return? Did you do any research prior to buying your laptop to determine which one would best fit your needs? I would never buy a laptop at Best Buy without having done online research and narrowing down to a few choices based on that. Where did you get the idea this was 64 bit? Do you still have that ad, receipt, invoice, whatever? If so, you have a stronger case. As it stands, from BB's point of view, you bought a 32bit processor and want them to put in a 64bit OS for free. At least that's what I got from the little bit I read. I could be wrong :)
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