Aon / Celebrity - can we get refund or use unused insurance for rebooked cruise?

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May 30, 2019
We live in NY state. We booked a cruise with Celebrity out of San Juan for mid-March. Before this trip, we self-insured our travel with the backing of some credit card-based travel protection; however, considering the COVID-19 uncertainty, I purchased a Travel Protection Plan through Aon Affinity on 3/11 prior to the cruise scheduled to start on 3/14.

The cruise cancellation came in on 3/13 as we were boarding our flight to SJU, so we spent a long weekend in PR using Hilton points for lodging before flying back early. The return airfare for the rescheduled flight was lower than originally booked, so we now have ~$350 in credit with Delta. So, our out of pocket costs aren't all that much. We used the offered credit with Celebrity to book a cruise well enough into the future that I hope COVID-19 is a memory.

In terms of the insurance I'm trying to figure out if I could / should pursue getting any money back or if there are viable alternatives.
  • Given that the cruise was cancelled, are we entitled to a refund of the insurance?
    • If this is not entitled, is this worth pursuing?
    • Can we have the Travel Protection Plan retooled to apply to the rebooked cruise?
Is it worth my effort to self-advocate for anything here? Thanks.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Most insurance companies are allowing you to move the insurance to another trip if your trip was canceled. Contact them and ask if you can move it to the new cruise. They usually do not refund if you didn't cancel within the time frame they might give you to cancel.

Just an FYI - when you purchase insurance when an event is happening - most insurance generally won't cover the event. Such as buying insurance when a hurricane is on the way to the location you are traveling to. This is similar so your best bet is you didn't have to use and and transfer it to another trip.
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May 30, 2019
Follow-up to my post ... Aon Affinity refunded my money.

  • I sent an inquiry using a Contact form on 3/19 asking about how to get a refund.
  • On 4/1, I received a reply reading "Please be advised that the terms of the plan allow for refunds within 10 days of the purchase date of the plan. Please understand the plan has been in use by you since the date you purchased it and has been providing you with trip cancelation protection prior to, and regardless of, any cancelations of trips by travel suppliers due to COVID-19. We recommend you speak with Celebrity cruise line to see if there are any consideration being made on their end."
  • I called Aon customer service on 4/1. I explained to the CSR that my reply on 4/1 didn't make sense because I had put the request in on 3/19, e.g. within 10 days of purchasing the policy.
  • The Aon rep put me on hold, spoke with his supervisor, then asked me to send the email to a special mailbox for review.
  • On 4/2, the rep called me back. He explained that I had sent the request using the incorrect Contact form. However, given proof of my request and as a courtesy, they will refund my insurance fee.
  • I received the refund on my original credit card this morning.
During the call with the rep, I asked if I could apply the already-purchased insurance to a new cruise we booked for next year. The rep said that Aon's systems do not allow a policy transfer, e.g. I would have to purchase a new policy for next year.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Three cheers! When dealing with any kind of insurance, if you don't like the original answer, follow up. Well done.