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Apr 25, 2020
I have been trying to contact someone at American Express Serve for over 2 weeks by telephone and they are no longer accepting phone calls. This company's customer service phone line is now prompting a message to their customers: They are no longer accepting any phone calls and they really could care less if you have a problem.

I'm a resident of the state of Florida and their Serve card is under the proprietorship of American Express Travel - which means that in the state of Florida, their services are under the jurisdiction of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation as a monetary transmitter - I have 2 transactions (bills) that were made to another credit card company that I used my American Express Serve card to make the payments with.

American Express Serve submitted both transactions to the credit card company as payments (occurring on April 6, 2020 and April 7, 2020.) After submitting both payments to the creditor, American Express declined both payments (back to back) electronically stating to the credit card company that my Account was a non transaction account. I was never notified by American Express Serve that they had declined two transactions, I was notified by the creditor whom both transactions were intended to be received by because they initially reveived both payments, and then both transactions were returned (in which they believed was due to insufficient funds.)

Due to American Express Serve erring, I have now had the creditor close my account with their company because they have no information from American Express Serve as to why they declined both transactions. I cannot get anyone on the phone because they have shut down their customer service line and do not accept emails. During a Pandemic.

I paid the same creditor 5 additional payments using my American Express Serve card (to keep my account up to date and good standing) and American Express never declined any single one.

So, I have a credit card company that received my first two payments (I had literally just been approved for the credit card and had the card in my posession for about a week) and both payments were received and then declined - and I have American Express Serve giving no indication to myself that they had declined two transactions whatsoever.

When I was made aware that both transactions were returned by the creditor (but 5 additional payments were submitted without error) I immediately tried calling American Express Serve.

Considering the circumstances surrounding the world at the moment, I found it outrageous that they recorded a prompt stating don't call us because we are not accepting any calls. So did the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.

I need to get this error straightened out within the next 14 days to have my account reinstated with the credit card company that was declined two transactions. They explained that they needed American Express Serve to give the necessary information in writing as to why they declined those 2 transactions, and if there were sufficient funds available in the account, state that it was not due to insufficient funds and was an error on their behalf. This was an error on American Express's behalf and I have spent the past week calling every department of American Express to get anyone from any division of American Express to help me, and to no avail multiple divisions of American Express were not willing to help and would transfer me to American Express Serves customer service line that I have become very acquainted with... a prompt that they are not accepting phone calls and then conveniently, disconnecting the call.

Declining those payments without even notifying me has created a substantial impact on my credit, and another credit card company that is showing that I defaulted on too many payments, within a record amount of time. This needs to be corrected.

I have already taken the necessary steps to make sure that this issue has been documented with the proper entities so American Express Serve cannot come back and state that they were unaware.

What's your desired resolution?

I would like American Express Serve to write a letter on their letterhead stating that during the time period of both transactions there were sufficient funds in the my account, additionally, an explanation of why both transactions were declined, and that American Express serve erred by declining both transactions. That letter needs to be faxed to the creditor whom had to close my account in less than 30 days of opening the account, due to excessive return payments (basically within the first week of actually physically having the card in my posession.) They are working with me and have been A LOT MORE HELPFUL TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and need that letter to reinstate the credit card so my credit isn't shot to Hell.

What's the value of your claim (in US $)?
$530 ($75 Annual Fee that was paid for the credit card that has been closed along with a $95 program fee to open the credit card and the initial credit limit of $300 that has now been rescinded.)

Date of transaction/travel date:
2020-04-06 and 2020-04-07

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We have many complaints about these cards. Here are our company contacts for Amex, you can start writing to them one at a time using our company contacts:

This is how to write:

Apr 25, 2020
We have many complaints about these cards. Here are our company contacts for Amex, you can start writing to them one at a time using our company contacts:

This is how to write:

Thank you, I appreciate your help.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
While this is beyond frustrating for you, it's just a minor annoyance to AmEx. The phone is the worst way to deal with a problem like this. You definitely need to handle this in writing, just a concise list of the facts, no emotion. At this point, it doesn't matter WHY the mistakes were made, it's important that the mistakes be corrected. If you insist on explanations, apologies or placement of blame, nobody at AmEx will help you. Your job is to make someone at AmEx want to help you. It's important that they understand exactly what happened in the first read of your letter.

The CC account issuer that you were trying to pay should understand that nothing much is being accomplished by anyone right now. They are also well aware of glitches in computer systems that result in this kind of nightmare for the consumer. Your letter to AmEx should be short and to the point. They did not process two of your payments correctly. You'd like that explained to your other creditor, and that you were not involved in the two unprocessed payments. Anytime money, computers or internet is involved, the consumer has to pay careful attention to what is happening to his money. You should be checking your account online every week. It's important to catch a glitch immediately and get it straightened out before it becomes a real problem.