Airline did a Re-bill After a Credit Card dispute

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Mar 18, 2015
In late March, I received an email from Air Malta that they cancelled my mid-May flight and that my options were a refund, re-book, or voucher. I opted for a refund which entailed emailing their refunds email. No response to that and a follow up message and they no longer answer phones. About 10 days ago I disputed the charge with Capitol One. On Monday, Air Malta re-billed my credit card so they are fighting it. Due to high volumes, Capitol One is having customers either fax or mail in documentation which they turn over to Visa. I plan to provide my confirmation email, cancellation email, my email to their refunds, their terms and conditions that clearly state a refund is due if they cancel, and a copy of the EU law on cancellations. Should I include anything else?

A reminder to all who dispute a charge-check your account online and mail to see if a travel provided re-bills so you can follow up to further dispute the charge.


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
What do you mean Air Malta rebilled you?

When you file a dispute, the credit card company gives you a temporary credit for the amount while it investigates. The airline shouldn’t be charging you again while this is under investigation and if they did you need to contact your credit card company immediately. If the cc company finds in the airlines favor, the cc company will reverse the conditional credit.

You should provide everything you have listed above right away to the cc company.
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Mar 18, 2015
Hello, Capitol One sent me documentation from Air Malta showing the charge is valid. However, the information they provided saying them emailed me a voucher is not true. The only received two emails from Air Malta-a booking confirmation and a cancellation email offering a full refund. Between that and the March 18 EU letter, I think I have a good chance at getting the money back. I'm faxing this and the requested documentation later today. Should I make any changes to this in the cover letter?

  • On February 15, I purchased a plane ticket from Air Malta for travel on May 13 from x to x reservation # ABCDEF.
  • The merchant did not provide a cancellation/return policy at the time of sale (both documents provided at booking included with this fax).
  • On April 1, I received a cancellation email from the merchant offering a full refund (email included in this fax).
  • I was already aware of the cancellation and sent per their instructions an email for a refund on March 30 and another follow up email on April 24. I tried calling-their U.S. number and it disconnects callers. I tried reaching them on twitter. I received no responses via Twitter or email. I disputed the charge since I had not received a refund and could not reach the merchant. (emails I sent included in this fax).
  • On March 18, the European Union provided guidance on COVID and Air Passenger Rights Regulation No 261/2004 and clarifies passengers are entitled to a refund. Please see Section 3.2 “Communication from the Commission” issued March 18, 2020 (included in this fax).