AirBNB refuses to assist

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Apr 23, 2020
We sold my home and moved into an AirBNB until the closing on our new home. Considering I had no idea when the closing on the new home would be, I ended up overbooking the AirBNB. The closing is being pushed through considering out present environment. Therefore, I will not need the bnb for the final 13 days of the booking, and the host is uncooperative. AirBNB has NOT helped in any way. The total amount of money is about $2000.
In addition, the neighbor that lives next door has had the county sheriff's office out once after the nonstop yelling and screaming on Easter Sunday and the other night one resident was beating down on the other resident. Not a nice thing to hear, all of the yelling and screaming. This property is a duplex, with paper thin walls between. With the constant police presence in the neighborhood and the overflights by the police helicopter, we do not feel very safe here. We have reported this to the host who has been non-responsive.
We want to get into our new home. We have a handicapped wheelchair bound son who is in need of normalcy in his life.


Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
I don't think you can have it both housing for the time you thought you needed it but then cancel when you don't need it anymore. If the terms of the agreement state you cannot cancel then your only choice is to move into your new home and forego the balance of the rent. Talking about police activity and such only appears like you are grasping for straws on getting out of your obligation.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I agree with Patina. If you willingly booked something, it is not the owners fault and they would be out of the money by not having someone to rent to when you already committed. Perhaps you could ask if the owners rebook it if they will refund you the last days stay.