Airbnb refuse refund of cancellation due to COVID

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Jul 10, 2020
We booked accommodation in Avignon at 13 rue saint Agricola with Airbnb last year for a 10 night stay between the dates of June 18-28th 2020. When corona virus hit and the Australian government advised against overseas travel, I cancelled our reservation on 15.3.2020 thinking I was doing the right thing and giving plenty of notice to our hosts. Airbnb are refusing to refund my sizeable deposit of $3655.83AUD stating that I cancelled before Airbnb’s extenuating circumstances Policy came into being and thus they sticking to their cancellation policy and giving zero refund. They are also still claiming a cleaning fee of $326.72AUD when of course we are not there!
I have spent many hours on the Airbnb Helpline and had many Emails with both Airbnb and the hosts. I have included official documentation from the Australian government verifying the ban on overseas travel on those dates only to be told the decision is final and the hosts are no longer responding to my emails!
I keep reiterating that I did not cancel by choice, I was mandated against leaving the country.
Consequently , I believe I should receive the full refund regardless of when Airbnb commenced their extenuating circumstances policy

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Unfortunately, if you booked a nonrefundable rate, and were outside of Airbnb’s Covid policy, you are probably out of luck. In additional the EU has put a law into effect that companies do not have to refund, they can offer a future credit.

Did you ask if they are willing to give you a credit for another stay? If you check our forums, there are many, many consumers who booked through Airbnb and VRBO are stuck with no refunds if they booked rentals with strict cancellation policies.

Please read #6 here:

Jul 10, 2020
Hi Neil.
i suggested a credit but now I think the credit would need to be extended to 2022.
regardless, the hosts are not responding to my emails to come up with possible solutions
it seems so unfair ,particularly charging for a cleaning fee!