Air france confirmation. Last name spelled incorrectly missing 1 letter. Air France says the ticket is complicated with layover.

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Nov 22, 2019
started with cheap o who put in a waiver request, air france denied the request. i called cheap o and they said work with airline have the ticket cancelled and reissued. air france said no sorry we can’t do that this ticket is not cancelled unless airfrance cancelled the flight. i called cheap o back and they suggest i go to airport on day of flight and work with them. i don’t like that option as i took 3 weeks off and don’t want to go to airport on a maybe you will get lucky. i believe i can get a voucher with covid but that would have the incorrect name as well
FOr international flight, I doubt that you can solve this at the airport. Unfortunately, I think that you need to get a new one.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
So we now know that this is a ticket purchased through CheapOair involving AF and Italia, with an incorrect name on all tickets, and a non-cancellable ticket class.
If you wish to make this trip you need to purchase a new ticket directly through the airlines and worry about any refund (very unlikely) in the future.

CheapOair (note the name) sold you a rock bottom non-refundable, non-cancellable ticket in a name that is not yours. You accepted the terms when you clicked purchase, and you have a ticket that has no value.

Your choices are to walk away from this travel, or to buy a valid ticket from the airlines.
This situation, of course, is why people use online booking services. Buying a tix direct from the airline is always the best ... except when two different, non-partner airlines are involved. We also encourage travellers to not have separate tix to protect themselves if the outbound flight is late and you miss your connecting flight. If your trip is all on one tix, the airlines will generally help you. If the tix are separate, you're on your own.

Lots of people take their chances, but the only way to be sure to win this one is to spend the night at a hotel at the connecting airport and fly out the next day. My husband is not a relaxed flyer, so we rarely make connections of any kind, he just worries too much. Airport hotels are often very reasonable and it's nice to get off the plane, relax, enjoy dinner and a nice sleep. Adds two days on to a trip, but we're self-employed so we can get away with it.