Air Berlin - 5mo. later, still no comp for lost luggage

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Jan 10, 2017
My husband and I were scheduled to fly first class Dulles to London, London to Copenhagen in August 2016. Due to bad weather in Washington, we left Dulles late. British Air cancelled our connecting flight to Copenhagen (story for another post). We were told our only option to get to Copenhagen was to fly London to Berlin and then Air Berlin Berlin to Copenhagen. When we finally arrived in Copenhagen about 12 hours after our planned arrival no bags arrived. We went to file a lost bags claim with British Air who told us that since we had arrived on Air Berlin we had to file with Air Berlin (remember we were supposed to have arrived on British Air and they booked this ticket for us.) Air Berlin has no luggage counter in Copenhagen. SAS handles Air Berlin luggage in Copenhagen. We filed our claim with SAS assuming by morning our bags would be located. After days of trying to track down anyone from Air Berlin (there are phone numbers by which to reach them on their website), British Air or American Airlines (they booked the original flight as a codeshare and on which we are Platinum members) we still had no bags. Of course this cut into our trip as we had to cut items from our itinerary in order to buy clothes (we each bought two outfits). The airline never found our bags. When we returned to the states I spent two days standing in Dulles airport trying to get someone to speak to me (there is no Air Berlin counter in our area). I finally got some sympathetic soul at British Air who tried to help us and told us our bags were not locatable.

We have been fighting for now 5 months for compensation from Air Berlin. At one point they offered us $150 air credit on Air Berlin. Yesterday they sent us an email asking us for our bank account information and powers of attorney. Don't worry we are smart enough not to pass along this information.

Some international law says that the airline that gets you to your final destination is responsible but I still feel like British Air or American should either have helped us or taken some responsibility.

Any help is appreciated.