33% increase = no can do . .

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Apr 29, 2019
CSR took an inordinate amount of time to un-pause my acct and delayed me at least three times & left me without knowing if anyone was there... 3 mins or so. I pride myself with customer service people as it occurs that treating them well oils the machine so to speak. This situation was no different on my part so l am just saying. Going over the cost with less than a clear voice so l had to ask 3 times.. he seemed bent on muffling the new monthly cost. This increase is 33% l said and l could not go forward at this time and would call again at another point. l was a bit heated due to being treated so badly regarding the time delay and lack of clarity in his voice.
Lastly the unit that was sent here initially when l got service has been acting up and the service people have balked at sending out a replacement sort of pushing me off a resolution for as long as 3 years now. Initially l worked with techs to repoint, to reboot to reconfigure and or whatever would help but after all the time on my end l felt it reasonable to have a replacement as techs over time kept mentioning the problem had to be the receiver.
Now l am simply unable to pay this increase however and need severance without repercussions.
l have been a loyal customer and feel dish has served me well l like the feeling the company gives in earnest and even understand the local networks are gouging its terrible what l have seen by them dropping service over the past few years.
l would like to feel that good about dish again and be a customer when l can in the future. And l also recognize what happens next plays a big part of that..
Thank you for anything reflecting help.


Mar 23, 2015
Huh? This is a consumer advocacy forum where people give advice. NOT a DISH site. Nothing you wrote makes a lot of sense. Do you want some advice?


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
It is not clear what you are looking for, but if you are not under contract with Dish you can simply cancel. If you try this they may well lower your cost for a new contact. Alternatively, you can sign up for cable with an introductory lower cost contact, and then switch back to Dish in the future.
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