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  1. H

    Travelgenio Debacle

    bought flights using my debit card on October 29th 2018 at 11:30am PST. I paid €1331.40. When I got my confirmation emailed I realised I had inputted the wrong departure location and booked flights that were DUB-YVR and not the ones I wanted YVR-DUB. I tried to get into contact with the company...
  2. R

    Is XXX is a good site for booking flight tickets?

    Hi, I'm looking for a flight deals from USA to India and i get to random OTA, should i book my air tickets with them? Pls suggest.
  3. Z

    Seeking a Christmas Miracle

    Bought 2 airline tickets on Nov. 15 from; they in turn used ExploreTrip to obtain the tickets from United Airlines. These tickets are for my daughter and son in law to travel from Seattle to Newark for Christmas from 12/20-12/27. After I purchased the tickets I did not receive a...
  4. B

    Looking for a GREAT Travel/Tour Company

    Hello Fellow Travelers- I am looking for some advice on identifying some great Travel/Tour companies that you have worked with and feel great to recommend. we are hoping to great to Europe in May/June 2018.
  5. N

    Booking a flight through a Travel Agency

    Hi! I was looking for flights to Mexico from NYC. I ended up on skyscanner website which told me that an agency by the name of smart fares ( had the cheapest tickets. I have seen advertisements for them on google but I never used them before so I checked BBB to see if they were...
  6. D

    No After Tour Service from Liberty Travel - It Is YOUR FAULT

    I booked our airline tickets for our African Safari tour through Liberty Travel that apparently went through a place call - JetBlue/Qatar/JetBlue. The first leg on JetBlue was supposed to depart SFO at 11:00PM on 7/25/2016 arriving JFK at 7:30AM, 7/26/16, in time for a...
  7. M

    External Reservation Handling Fee?

    Here's my story: Three of us are visiting Japan later this year. To save on airfare, I contacted a travel agency specializing in consolidator fares. We were able to purchase three tickets on American Airlines (with international segments operated by JAL, but marketed by AA). We were quoted a...