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  1. M

    Multi- Country Branch Ordeal - Germany + Croatia

    To briefly outline the situation, I rented a vehicle from Avis/Budget Munich Airport via a third party provider for the period of September 3 -28, 2018. On September 24, I was involved in a collision that rendered the vehicle inoperable. In fact, on September 23, one of the tires on the vehicle...
  2. C

    Horrendous JETBLUE experience

    Situation: Flying from Montego Bay with a connection in Ft. Lauderdale to final destination Boston on Saturday 22 October 2017. The scheduled flights included a 2+ hour layover which should be more than adequate for customs. Due to problems with customs at FLL, we sat on the tarmac for over an...
  3. U

    Jet Blue

    Our Jet Blue flight from Quito (UIO) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) on 2 August. Hours before the flight, we received an email that the flight was cancelled. I immediately called Jet Blue and found out that they would not be able to rebook us for another FIVE days. My three daughters and I would be...
  4. AAGK

    Stranded in Lake Tahoe Blizzard

    I am not sure how I feel about this yet so I wanted to feel out the Brain Trust. I've been stranded since Monday in the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe due to a major blizzard. We just got power back on after 24 hrs. The staff has been amazing. I have absolutely no complaints and everyone has done the...
  5. E

    Iberia canceled flight, didn't tell me, didn't rebook. I spent +$2k to get home

    SUMMARY: Iberia canceled my august 4 return leg from Madrid to Panama - apparently after I upgraded to business when checking in for the departure leg a month earlier. They didn't tell me my ticket was canceled. Vayama, where I booked my flight, didn't tell me. I found out by accident four days...