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  1. S


    3October2019 I traveled across country and shipped nine pieces of luggage, all via greyhound. I was not allowed to upgrade the insurance on my items, so each was shipped individually at an allotted maximum insurance value of three hundred dollars, though some items were valued at more. Shipment...
  2. I

    Looking forward -- forest fire issues

    We've booked a rental through a reputable bnb broker near Yosemite for early September and obviously the forest fires and the partial closing of Yosemite National Park now raise a lot of concerns. What should we prepare for and discuss with the broker about the possibility of not having an...
  3. H

    American Basic Economy Change

    Hello, My sister recently booked a flight on American in basic economy. She understood when booking that there were restrictions on luggage and that no refunds or changes were possible. However, we did need to change her flight by a day so she just went ahead and bought a new flight, due to the...
  4. K

    Cancelling Flight After Booking With Third Party

    For the last few years, every time I needed to book a flight I would use SkyScanner. It hasn't let me down yet. I haven't had a problem with my tickets and Ive even been able to choose my seats outside of the 24hr departure time. When I was booking my flight for Paris, I was redirected to a site...
  5. K

    Complaint about complains

    So, I've posted my carnival issue here, I'm not sure where it goes from here but to compare my complaint to others and the outcome of theirs I looked on another site....... COME ON! it's no wonder costumer service is crap. The things people complain about on this one carnival complaint site is...
  6. S

    Lufthansa Refund

    Please help! I cancelled my Lufthansa flight several months ago (IAD-HAM Aug. 4th-14th), but the airline refuses to provide a full refund or credit. I've received a partial refund ($137 in taxes) but the airline refuses to refund or credit the entire ticket ($1,269). After disputing the...
  7. D

    UA cancels flight and re-books us. Refund seems low.

    In January, of this year, 12 family members were flying from Shanghai to Chicago in Business Class. Our flight was cancelled by United and we were put on another flight in Economy that flew Shanghai to San Francisco to Chicago. At the ticket counter we were told they couldn't adjust the ticket...
  8. AAGK

    About to book on Orbitz.... Am I crazy?

    I am booking a couple of days in Bermuda for later in the month. The hotel has no loyalty program so points aren't a factor. The hotel website has an offer but the final price is about is @$150 more than orbitz. It is only 2 nights and not super expensive. Is it ok to just go ahead and use the...
  9. A

    British Airways Playing Games with the Family of the Decessed

    My parents purchased plane tickets though a Romanian travel agency for a visit to see family in the United States. Towards the end of November 2015, my father was hospitalized because of severe health issues. Both myself, my mom and the travel agent have contacted BA to inquire about our options...
  10. L

    Who owes me a refund - the travel agency or the airlines?

    Greetings! I hope all are well. I booked five round trip tickets on Delta Airlines for family members to travel from Baltimore, Maryland to Accra, Ghana. The total for the tickets was $5,750 ($1150 each). I used a local travel agency because it was significantly cheaper than booking directly...
  11. ekp77

    How can I speak with someone at United about a refund request that was processed but not accessible?

    I recently had to cancel a scheduled flight on United because my husband was unexpectedly hospitalized and could not travel. Through their refund page, I requested that we not be charged their rebooking fee. A few days later I received an email that my request was processed and it had a link to...
  12. M

    Need help obtaining refund please!

    Howdy y'all! A friend purchased a flight to Kona, Hawaii for me on what is now American Airlines as a birthday/Christmas present leaving on December 12th, 2015. On October 19th, 2015 I fell 20' off a ladder. breaking both of my legs and my back. Spent 10 days in the hospital, transported by...
  13. V

    Seeking refund from Delta Airlines due to terrorist attack in Paris

    I am a 73 year old newly widowed woman (who is terrified of flying)! I recently agreed to accompany a lady friend to Paris on Air France/Delta, to depart Los Angeles on November 27th. Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, my companion cancelled her trip and because (1) I had no one to travel...