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  1. R

    Requesting a refund for health reasons

    Dear members of the Elliot Advocacy forum, Seven months ago , I made a reservation with Delta Airlines for a trip to Dakar, Senegal on 08/11/2018. Unfortunately, I am not able to travel because of a health condition. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder; I am on disability and have to...
  2. S

    Priceline refund

    I accidentally made a reservation for 19-23rd July instead of 19-23rd June at NH COLLECTION AMSTERDAM GRAND HOTEL KRASNAPOLSKY. It turns out that my Priceline reservation was in turn made via Agoda. I have been in constant touch with Erik, the front office manager at the hotel. He informed me...
  3. andreabellucci

    Forced to buy optional and un-needed insurance, making it mandatory

    Hello anyone, I'd love to share my experience with you all, and I hope to get help here Today I picked my budget car up (booked on; paid at Budget counter), but after a while the operator has started to push me a lot to add something like an insurance for my vehicle. She made me...
  4. Barefootpalms

    Home Depot refund help please!

    hi and thanks Ordered a fridge from Home Depot online nov 15 for delivery nov 21 to port and further delivery to Turks and Caicos Was not delivered (I have an email with delivery window). Was not notified. Can not get into my order for info. So on 22nd called Haelaigh store in Fla spoke with...
  5. Endycool

    Getting a refund, credit, or a flight via another airline

    I'm now about to write to the first executive, (after getting another "no" from customer services) but I thought about sharing my story here to read some advice first. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I'm an Argentinian citizen. I booked a ticket at American Airlines to travel from...
  6. F

    Refund refused after told by rep I'd get one!

    I purchased a last minute ticket to fly to Daytona from Washington, DC on Friday October 27th, a few hours before the flight left. I bought this ticket to urgently see a close friend in the hospital who was dying and subsequently did die 2 days later. A friend offered to drive me home on...
  7. A

    Ticket Refund for family displaced by Tubbs Fire

    We purchased 2 tickets for American Airlines for November 8th, 2017 from SFO to Austin, Texas. However our family lost our home in the Tubbs fire in Fountaingrove and are no longer able to take this trip. We are seeking a refund. What are our options? Thank you.
  8. AVR

    Trouble Obtaining Rightful Refund

    Hello, I was in contact with a consumer advocate of regarding my issue and as far as I know, my case hasn't officially been closed. However, the last time I heard from the advocate that was helping me was August 1st, and the las time I reached out to him about my issue was August...
  9. M


  10. Christopher Lee

    Cannot get a Hertz Refund

    Back at the end of March, I made a reservation for a one week+ rental with Hertz through the AAA website. Knowing that this was a trip I will take definitely, I opted for the pre-pay option which was the best deal and that there were numeroud perks in addition for AAA members since Hertz was...
  11. R

    AirBerlin cancelled/ rebooked tickets twice - connecting flights issues/ cost

    I booked tickets for our family of 4 from JFK to Berlin, and then on to Rome (with British Airways Avios for AirBerlin flights).The flight was scheduled to depart from JFK at 23:30 on June 13 2017 when it was booked. I booked flights from our home town RDU to JFK on American Airways to...
  12. Dulce Iniguez

    Credit*Didn't re-book in time

    Last year I booked travel on June 2,2016 for travel to be taken on July 29,2016. I was pregnant and my doctor advised I not travel to Mexico because of the Zika virus. AA was nice enough to cancel our tickets and offer us a credit for the 5 tickets that we had purchased. I understood that we had...
  13. S


    We just got finished staying at a Prague Air BNB apartment which was actually very nice. Great location, nice hosts, decent amenities. What they do not tell you is they have BED BUGS!!! After the first night, I awakened with what I thought was a rash and figured it might be from something I...
  14. D

    Apple Developer Conference registration draconian refund policy

    I filled out an online lottery-style registration for an Apple developer's conference that's much in demand every year. I subsequently learned I would be unable to attend the conference due to a work conflict -- our company was having an out-of-town offsite that same week. I'd meant to withdraw...
  15. J

    $500 spent in extra miles when a 30K ticket rose to 47.5K and dropped back minutes later. WTF AA?

    On the evening of March 29, 2017 around 8PM, I redeemed American Airline award points online from my husband's AAdcantage account to purchase a one-way ticket from Austin to London, costing 30,000 points. My husband and I are traveling together on this trip and I was planning to purchase the...
  16. T

    Refund locked between AA and Citi

    Hi everyone. This is my first post so wish me luck. I am about to send the following to contacts (from the Contacts List) to both AA and Citi Cards. Please note I ADMIT I screwed up initially (hopefully the letter text is clear on that). When I do business correspondence I try to make it...
  17. D

    Turkish Airlines mess

    Hello people of the Internet. I'm in a jam right now and need some assistance or some advice. Here's my story and the mess I'm in right now... I manage a home for special needs young adults. Recently one of my individuals approached me and asked if he can go to Israel to visit his family and to...
  18. M

    Family emergency? American does not care.

    I have an American Airlines ticket booked to Hawaii in August for my honeymoon, or what would have been my honeymoon (it's still five months out, plenty of time to re-sell a ticket in my opinion) but circumstances have made it impossible for my fiancé and I to go. His mother is extremely sick...
  19. S

    Single mom out $1000

    A friend of mine was planning to take her sone from Milwaukee to Atlanta. But on the day of the flight she was in a car accident and, naturally, they couldn't go. United says they can spend $600 to transfer the tickets to new dates, but the purpose of their trip is now gone. Essentially, she...
  20. C

    Air Canada Refuse to Refund Within 24 Hours

    Hi guys, I bought a ticket on Feb 2 2017 for my fiance to travel from Shanghai to Detroit (stops in Toronto) on April 2 2017, and returning from New York to Shanghai (stops in Montreal) on April 9 2017 to visit me in the U.S. Later that day, I found out that she needs a visa to transfer in...