poor customer service

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  1. J

    Lost luggage from Royal Air Maroc

    Dear Mr. Elliot, I seek your assistance with a very frustrating case of lost luggage with Royal Air Maroc. I have just learned today that a baggage handler strike in Casablanca may have impacted this case, but still need information from RAM. I departed Bologna, Italy on Friday May 31, 2019 on...
  2. S

    Trying to get a refund from Spirit

    In March of this year, I took my first ever vacation and decided to use Spirit Airlines since 1) I work for a public school and therefore am basically broke and 2) because it was only a few days and I just needed a carryon. The problem is that I booked a vacation package, of a flight plus a...
  3. S

    Turkish Airlines Loses Luggage, Claims Dept. Unresponsive

    I checked my luggage with Turkish Airlines on March 13 for a flight from LAX to DXB, with a layover in IST ... and I haven’t seen my bag since. I have “Star Alliance Gold” status, which means my bag was tagged as priority. After I got to Dubai, my final destination, and realized my bag was a...
  4. I

    [Cancelled Flight] Turkish & United Airlines: Poor Customer service

    I'm writing this on behalf of my mother passenger on turkish airlines. My mother was traveling from San Francisco to Mumbai on Nov 30th, 2018 with Turkish Airlines with Raipur being the final destination via Indigo. The boarding on flight 80 was scheduled for 5:45pm but was delayed until 7:15pm...
  5. W

    An American Airlines Nightmare Halloween Experience

    This is my story of honestly the worst customer service experience I've ever had with American Airlines let alone any company. I was scheduled to fly from Myrtle Beach, SC to Corpus Christi, TX on 10/31/18. I had purchased this ticket 3 months ago back in July using the miles I got from...
  6. K

    Cancelled flight - or was it?

    My partner and I had reservations to fly from Philadelphia to Grand Rapids Michigan on July 2 with a return flight on Friday July 6. The outbound flight was great- we even arrived 30 minutes early. The return flight however, was non-existent! On Friday morning, two hours prior to the...
  7. A

    Harassed and threatened by Lufthansa ground staff

    I was verbally threatened and harassed by Lufthansa ground staff in India (Chennai Airport) while leaving on a different career for their staff missing to collect payment for my upgrade on a flight that I took a few days before the incident. I sent a detailed email to Lufthansa customer...
  8. S

    Unreasonable response from Lowe's so-called customer service team

    Last week I went to Lowe’s to return two (brand-new, unopened) Samsung refrigerator filters that were purchased at Lowe’s. I did not have a receipt for these filters, which is unusual, because I just use my Lowe’s credit card for most everything. However, these were purchased with cash (for my...
  9. U

    Jet Blue

    Our Jet Blue flight from Quito (UIO) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) on 2 August. Hours before the flight, we received an email that the flight was cancelled. I immediately called Jet Blue and found out that they would not be able to rebook us for another FIVE days. My three daughters and I would be...
  10. K

    Being Charged for a Faulty Cell phone

    I used an annual upgrade to acquire an LG G5 phone over a year ago. Since then, I've had it replaced at least 3 times - nearly every 3-4 months - with no clear cause as to why my phone stopped working. None of them had external or water damage, but they would simply stop turning on or...
  11. N

    Regent Seven Seas Cruise should be giving a refund and not a credit on future cruise

    My husband and i planned a special trip with Regent seven seas cruise line to go to Alaska for our 30th wedding anniversary. We spent $13,000 for an all inclusive trip ( including excursions). The ship malfunctioned and had to return to a prior port for repair. Because of the delay we missed...
  12. H

    EZ Car Rental Harassing Senior Citizens with Fraudulent Claim for Pre-Existing Damages

    July 23, 2016 On March 22, 2016, my 86 year old husband and I landed in Denver due to family emergency. We are on a fixed income - like most senior citizens. We selected EZ Car Rental due to price. We arrived the EZ Car Rental facility and was assigned a car. It had quite a few scratches and a...
  13. K

    Apple Subscription problem

    Hello, I have been reading this website for years and I have always used the lessons to apply to my life and have usually had favorable results. This time I am at my wits end and i'm not sure what steps to take next. 4 days ago Apple charged my account 5 times for my HBO Now subscription ($16.10...
  14. H

    How to get a refund for bad service on AA Flight

    I was refused my seat on American Airlines Flight 1033 departing from Washington Reagan Airport (DCA) going to Dallas Texas (DFW) on 6/24/15 by the airline stewardess who wanted me to sit in the next row because someone was sitting in my seat. I received horrific service by the airline...
  15. E

    La Quinta Poor Customer Service + Confirmed Reservation Not Honored

    On a recent vacation, I booked a reservation with La Quinta in Grant's Pass Oregon via Booking,com and I received an email confirmation. The reservation was made Friday evening for later that night. 2 hours before we had notified La Quinta we'd be arriving, an employee called to say she was...