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  1. C

    Rebooking time unreasonable

    I purchased business class tickets for direct flights between Chicago and Rome on Lufthansa through Orbitz. My departure date is May 9, 2020. The land tour I was supposed to take has been tentatively rescheduled for May 8, 2021. I am fine with rebooking rather than a refund for the flight...
  2. K

    Non-refundable hotel room

    I messed up and booked the wrong night through Orbitz. I think it was late, I had a few glasses of wine and wasn’t paying close attention. My bad for sure. When I realized what I did I contacted the hotel and explained. They of course told me I had to contact Orbitz which I did. Customer Service...
  3. M

    Refund for non-refundable tickets

    Hello, I need some advice on what I can do to get non-refundable tickets refunded. In November, 2017, I purchased roundtrip tickets with Orbitz (flying with Copa Air) for me and my children to travel from NYC to South America to visit my family. The trip was scheduled for Dec 15-30, 2017. In...
  4. J

    Refund for room we couldn't reach due to Winter Storm!

    Hello. I have an issue with Orbitz regarding a non-refundable hotel room booked same day during snow storm chaos at Heathrow on Dec. 10, 2017. Flights were cancelled after sitting on plane for almost 5 hours Booked hotel via Orbitz after getting off plane. Mass chaos in airport. Then attempted...
  5. S

    Confusing air ticket fare class: update

    I posted earlier about purchasing tickets from Orbitz that turned out to be in a lower fare class than advertised. I've been away from my computer the past couple of days and it seems that closed the thread; I apologize. Technomage, thank you for the recommendation. I condensed my request to a...
  6. S

    Deceptive airline tickets' fare class

    On September 4, 2016, I booked two one-way Economy class airline tickets on Delta via Orbitz from SLC to JFK, for May 12-13, 2017 (red-eye flight), for my boyfriend and me to take a trip right after his graduation. A couple of weeks later, Orbitz sent an automatic notice of a change to my...
  7. AAGK

    About to book on Orbitz.... Am I crazy?

    I am booking a couple of days in Bermuda for later in the month. The hotel has no loyalty program so points aren't a factor. The hotel website has an offer but the final price is about is @$150 more than orbitz. It is only 2 nights and not super expensive. Is it ok to just go ahead and use the...
  8. L

    Iberostar and Orbitz - Lost Reservation

    Back in August 2015 I arrived at Iberostar Playa del Carmen and couldn't check-in. The hotel couldn't locate my reservation even with a print out of my PAID reservation. Instead of calling Orbitz or doing anything else they LET me use their phone to call Orbitz and get it resolved. Nothing was...
  9. F

    Am I going to Hawaii or not???

    After a horrendous experience with Orbitz/United/Lufthansa last November, I swore I would only book directly with the airlines from here on out. Booked my flight/hotel directly on Hawaiian Airlines' site for a family trip this coming Thanksgiving. Was shocked to see "Orbitz" appear on my...