norwegian air

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  1. A

    Norwegian Air denied boarding

    I was denied boarding on a Norwegian airline flight from JFK to Oslo to AYT (Turkey) on Friday, November 16. They told me I needed a visa to transit through Oslo, which I didn't know about, and which they said was a new rule. Also I have an upcoming flight with booking reference Qxxxxx on the...
  2. N

    Norwegian/Hi Fly and EU 261/2004 compensation

    Hey folks, I'm new to the forum and hoping for some help with a Norwegian Airlines compensation issue. My Norwegian flight DY7060 (MCO-CDG) on 27.03.2018 was cancelled. The airline stated "This cancellation was caused by an earlier disruption within our network that had a direct effect on this...
  3. G

    Norwegian denying reimbursement... help!

    Hi all, Had an awful experience with Norwegian and hoping I can get some guidance here. My partner are were scheduled to fly out of Paris to NYC on June 16. They cancelled the flight two hours after the scheduled departure time (around midnight) and told everyone to go down to the booking desk...
  4. A

    Norwegian Nightmare

    I am writing this email in regards to booking for 13 aug 2017 New York-John F Kennedy - Barcelona. This reservation was split into two reference numbers yesterday because I am not using two of the tickets. I chose Norwegian due to the great reviews, but I have been nothing but disappointed...
  5. M

    Norwegian Airline

    What's on your mind? I bought atwo tickets to Martinique and had to change the dates. I called them and was told it would be a $250 additional fee if I did it on line. I canceled the reservation and made a new one online. I ended up paying $658.40 twice. I contacted the airline and was told...
  6. H

    Norwegian Nightmare

    On the return of my recent travels to the UK, I experienced my first issue with Norwegian, causing me to not only lose the cost of my return ticket ($562.60 roundtrip) but I was FORCED to purchase another ticket to return home. I arrived at LGW at approximately 11:45 on 10/16/2016. I proceeded...