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  1. Y

    Delta won’t let me cancel/modify flight

    In March, I Booked a round trip flight to Nashville using miles and $11.20. Due to the pandemic, our plans changed and I have been trying to change my flight. Delta won’t let me cancel online and their help center has hung up on me due to call volume. The flight is June 11, I would like to use...
  2. RATT-II

    Canceled Miles

    In January of this year, American Airlines let me know that if I didn't have some activity in my account by Feb 28, 2018, my 49,900 miles would expire. An email suggested that I could purchase a number of good through their e-shopping mall to keep them from expiring. I clicked on their link...
  3. E

    Lost Chase credit card points on a United website error

    Hello all, I hope someone is able/willing to help me. Thank you for reading this. I was looking to book a trip from DC to Southeast Asia on United Airlines. I checked the website and found acceptable flights available from 5/5/18 through 5/20/18 for 180,000 (business travel) miles. Because I...
  4. H

    Consolidators vs Mileage Brokers?

    Based on the advice of a few articles in generally reliable places, I looked at some of the business/first class ticket brokers. Hopefully preventing some issue, I tried to research the few I'd contacts- SkyBox, FlywthClass, SkyLux. All have good BBB ratings, and all claim I would have a ticket...
  5. D

    Wrongfully Charged For Upgrade

    On Oct 1st, our party was flying back from HNL to MIA connecting in DFW. Reservation Xxxxxx. The day prior to leaving, I received a notification that my last segment was upgraded (DFW to MIA) for $300 and 60,000 miles. I never authorized this upgrade. I called a few times to see if their was...
  6. M

    20 years of AA Advantage Miles gone for no reason

    Good Afternoon Mr. Elliott I am having a great deal of trouble with American Airlines, and I am hoping that you will be able to help. I have been an American Airlines Advantage Member since 1996. I grew up in Chicago with a family that traveled quite frequently with at least one domestic...